Thanks for a great HSPI 2020 conference in Savannah, Georgia!

See you next year at the HSPI Conference 2021, Feb. 24-26 at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida. Save the date!

ISE magazine: Welcome to the healthcare of tomorrow

The changing nature of 21st century healthcare is being influenced by many disruptive factors. Learn more about the features in this video preview of the February 2020 issue.

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Healthcare Labor Management Online On-Demand

In this training course, learn the critical aspects of designing and executing a comprehensive labor management program for your health facility at your own pace.

SHS members ...

Questions, comments, or discussion points for the Board? Visit the Ask the Board thread on IISE Connect. 

Your current SHS Board Members and Officers:

  • President: Isaac B. Mitchell
  • President-Elect: Lauren Todd
  • Director 2020-2023: Cody Hall
  • Director 2020-2023: Aaron Kanne
  • Assistant to the President: Darrin Judkins
  • Secretary: Neal Moriconi
  • Treasurer: Todd Banks

IISE Connect

IISE Connect allows IISE and SHS members to easily interact and communicate online, empowering you to have better access to your member benefits.

Newsletters are now available in one spot to allow you easy access and frequent reference. Newsletters will be placed in the SHS connect community, click here to view the community page.

Follow this  How-To Guide and log in to the SHS Member Community page on IISE Connect to view the latest member discussions and contribute your thoughts.

Current discussions include:

  • Value Stream Mapping Tools: Neal Moriconi has asked the community for insight on VSM tools outside of Visio.
  • Feedback on SHS Impact in Your Career: The Young Professionals committee is collecting member thoughts on how SHS has impacted your career and why it is important to remain active in the society.
  • Growing your Fixed Mindset to Achieve Success: Aaron Kanne recently read the book Mindset by Carol Dweck and has some thoughts on how the fixed vs. growth mindset concepts can be applied to the industrial engineering profession.


Are you interested in getting involved with SHS but are not sure how? We have multiple opportunities for involvement starting with our eight committees and our monthly newsletter. We are very excited with what we have in store for this year, but for SHS to be successful we need your help! Below are the committees and if you are interested in helping a committee or have a question please send a note to Elizabeth Gentry at

Click here to learn more about SHS committees.

IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering – A forum to bridge research and healthcare practices

IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering is an official journal of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. Our journal publishes research motivated by the challenging problems related to healthcare systems. It aims to foster the healthcare systems community by bringing research papers that have a strong methodological focus and direct applicability to healthcare systems to the audience. Currently, we publish papers in one of four categories: Healthcare Operations Management, Healthcare Informatics, Medical Decision Making and Socio-Technical Systems Analysis. Read more