Integrated systems engineering for supply chain management

Integrated systems engineering can help supply chain management adapt to an era of change by developing resilience and “optionality,” as shared in an IISE webinar series.
By D. Scott Sink and Jared Frederici

Manufacturers can reshore production without increasing costs

With supply chains disrupted, manufacturers can reshore production without increasing costs by shifting to a strategy of “time-based thinking.”
By Rajan Suri

Six visual models for systems thinking

Visual models can drive home the idea of systems thinking by depicting components, relationships and environment.
By Paul Stanfield

Reflections on sustainability education in engineering

Applying engineering methods to sustainability prioritizes ethics and quality of life in an organization’s culture.
By Andrea Sosa-Luviano, Ricardo Thierry-Aguilera, Ernesto Pacheco-Velazquez and Roberto Palacios-Rodriguez