Digital supply networks transform the future

Digital transformation’s intelligent workflow can enhance industrial innovation
By Ednilson Bernardes, Amit Sinha, Rafael Calderon and Thorsten Wuest

Supply chains evolve rapidly to meet changing needs

New technology, shifting customer expectations drive future innovation
By Keith Albertson

Holistic approach needed to meet digital commerce needs

Supply chains must blend engineering, business principles to meet emerging challenges
By M. Scott Moon

Achieve lasting change through a values-driven workforce

Guiding employees' attitudes, beliefs can lead to sustainable results
By David Poirier

The journey to a PE license

Chick-fil-A ISE: Credential has 'indelible' impact on his engineering
By David B. Reid


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Ideas on clean water flow in Future City event
  • Googly-eyed robots a hit for retailers
  • Working from home? Here are some tips
  • EVs not enough to turn emission tide, study shows
  • Using eyes in the sky to make cities smarter
  • Book of the month: The Amazon Management System


Performance by Kevin McManus

Have a happy ‘5S Day’

Management by Paul Engle

Crisis planning now and in the future

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Don’t look back

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

How we dry our hands matters

IISE Body of Knowledge with Cameron Brewer

Value stream mapping in process optimization


This month in IISE news ...

  • HSPI Conference highlights future of healthcare processes
  • Abstract submissions due May 31 for Lean & Six Sigma conference
  • Digital badges a hit for certificants
  • IISE’s career resources are at your fingertips
  • Early 2020 student regional conferences across the world provide insights, interaction
  • IISE welcomes NITIE as first university partner in India
  • IISE Board of Trustees holds first 2020 meeting

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