Testing virtual reality for ergonomic assessment

Method measures how well VR tech can aid work safety, training
By Kathryn Lieffrig and Stephen B. Gilbert

Five pillars of a comprehensive ergonomics program

Creating an effective safety structure reduces workplace risks, injuries
By Gretchen Templin

AES at 5: Recalling society’s origins, impact

Reflections from Applied Ergonomics Society leaders

Leading, managing time and change in the 2020s

Creating ISE change masters begins with developing profound knowledge
By D. Scott Sink

Domain convergence: The what, why and how

Shifting to a problem-centric approach to overcome critical management challenges
By Anirudh Dhebar


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Construction danger rising on US job sites
  • Wearable device can ‘see’ with AI interface
  • Technical students sharpen their skills
  • 3D-grown vessels can help organ transplants
  • Drones join the force to transmit disaster data
  • Where will the smoke flow? AI has answer
  • Work from home, save the planet
  • Book of the month: Seven Bad Habits of Safety Management: Examining Systemic Failure


Performance by Kevin McManus

Measuring what we cannot see

Management by Carl Kirpes

Turning our fears into excitement

Ergonomics by Amanda Kauder

Not your sci-fi AI: Technology can boost workplace safety

Member Forum by Don Greene

Ready to make powerful connections in Montreal?


This month in IISE news ...

  • #AppliedErgo2024 offers networking, hands-on exhibits and more
  • IISE Annual Conference debuts 2 kickoff symposiums
  • New Institute leaders chosen for 2024
  • Capstone award now features 2 categories
  • IISE TRAINING FOCUS: Ergo certification a step toward safety career
  • ISE CAREER ZONE: Investigate your potential employer
  • Faces and places of IISE
  • Participants share regional conference experiences


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