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IISE Council of Fellows Scholarship Fund
Sunderesh Heragu
The IISE Council of Fellows has em-
barked upon a project to raise an addi-
tional $70,000 to bring the IISE Council
of Fellows Scholarship Fund balance to
$100,000 by May 2022. The goal is to
then endow the scholarship so that invest-
ment returns from the endowment can
fund annual scholarships for deserving ISE students. We have
made good progress increasing the fund balance from $30,000
in June 2021 to $50,000 now. … We ask you to consider a gift
this year to the fund – we have all given much to IISE and our
profession during our careers, and have all helped make the in-
stitute and the profession stronger as a result. Using scholarships
like this to recognize and support the leaders of the profession
for tomorrow should be important to all of us.
There are many ways to contribute, including:
Donation by credit card using this link: https://www.iise.org/
Donation by check (note on your check that you want the
funds to go toward the Fellows Scholarship Fund)
Bequest to the Foundation in your will (Download IISE
Charitable Bequest form, https://www.iise.org/uploadedFiles/
Naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of your retire-
ment plan or life insurance (Download IISE Charitable Be-
quest form)
Stock transfers
IISE offers confidential assistance for donations and scholar-
ships. Contact Donna Calvert for assistance, (770) 349-1108.
Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. Some
information about the scholarship is provided below.
IISE Council of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarships are
available to undergraduate students enrolled in any school pro-
vided: (1) the schools industrial engineering program or equiv-
alent is accredited by an agency or organization recognized
by IISE; and (2) the student is pursuing a course of study in
industrial engineering. This scholarship was created to reward
outstanding academic scholarship and leadership at the under-
graduate level. One scholarship of $1,000 was awarded for the
academic year 2019-20. In 2019-20, $3,500 was given to a re-
cipient; $2,500 in 2020-21; and $1,400 in 2021-22.
Leo Rodriguez
I am currently the Certifica-
tions Director for the IISE UT
Arlington Chapter and had the
opportunity to work with the
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers to host the Six Sig-
ma Green Belt Certification training here at The University of
Texas at Arlington. We had an amazing turnout of 51 students
and professionals sign up for the course! I just want to give a big
thanks to my fellow officers for helping Kara Annis, Johnathan
Nguyen, Nga Nguyen, Colin Thomas and Cameron Klein. A
huge thanks to Doug Long our instructor for the weekend, and
everyone from the IISE ofces: James Swisher, Doris Sickles and
Bob McLoud.
iise.uprm University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez
Thanks to Banco Popular
de Puerto Rico for in-
viting us to the first She
Engineers symposium.
Several girls from our as-
sociation together with
other student organiza-
tions, had the opportunity
to learn and learn about
the challenges that wom-
en have in the professional
field and the work that is carried out daily to be able to combat
them in the banking area, in addition to technical issues of great
benefit. We look forward to being part of it again and continu-
ing to grow as an association!
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Professor Pascal Van Hen-
tenryck from @gt_isye is
collaborating with Ryder
System, Inc. on the in-
dustry’s first data-driven
study of the impact of
autonomous trucking.
The research team real-
ized that by breaking each trip into three sections – origin-to-
hub, hub-to-hub and hub-to-destination – it could organize a
network using both regular and autonomous trucks. The study
shows that the company can experience anywhere from 29% to
40% cost savings depending on the price of autonomous trucks
and the cost of operating them.
wsu.iise Wayne State University
Last week our stu-
dents attended a
faculty led meet &
greet/discussion to
help students learn
more about our IE
iise_nnu Society of Industrial Engineers
An-Najah National University Branch-Nablus finished a visit
to Abdeen Plastic Factory Geneva Marble and Porcelain Fac-
tory. We also extend our thanks to both manufacturers for their
hospitality. The trip included many educational activities.
We had our first webinar in Spanish to celebrate the Hispanic
Heritage Month with Federico Sarmiento. Thank you for join-
ing us and sharing your vast knowledge with the younger gen-
erations! Follow us on our YouTube channel to see a replay of
the #webinar.