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Keeping pace with IISE
Keynote speakers soar at annual conference
Informative and inspirational addresses highlight IISE event in Orlando
Three accomplished industrial engi-
neers whose careers feature the com-
mon thread of trying to move rapidly,
on the ground and in the air, provided
the keynote speeches at the IISE Annual
Conference & Expo 2019 held May 18-
21 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in
Orlando, Florida.
The first speaker was retired U.S.
Air Force Inspector General Lt. Gen.
Stayce D. Harris, the first female Afri-
can American lieutenant general of the
USAF. She previously served as the assis-
tant vice chief of staff and director at Air
Staff Headquarters in Washington, D.C.,
and holds a bachelors in industrial and
systems engineering from the University
of Southern California, Los Angeles.
“I am excited to be among kindred
spirits because we know how we think,
Harris said. “Throughout my career, I
described myself as an industrial and sys-
tems engineer by degree, a pilot by pro-
fession. ... Although my pure hands-on
ISE experience is limited, the application
of its principles are with me every single
Harris, who retired from the Air Force
on March 1, recounted her childhood
as a “military brat” and daughter of an
Air Force veteran. She spoke of her will
to succeed as a female pilot in a male-
dominated world – “Why be a passen-
ger when I can be the pilot and have the
best window seat on the plane?” – and
gained further inspiration from meeting
the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of pioneer
African American World War II fighter
pilots, “my heroes and she-roes,” she
She overcame vision problems to be-
come a transport pilot carrying cargo
and personnel, where she used her ISE
problem-solving background to improve
operational processes, boosted by her
passion, planning and persistence.
She likened industrial engineers to
the old BASF commercial stating, “‘We
dont make the products you buy, we
make the products you buy better.’ Thats
one aspect of what industrial and systems
engineers do. IEs take what others create
and make their processes better.
Harris noted about 10% of the mili-
tary’s civilian workforce are engineers
and urged ISE graduates to consider pur-
suing those careers.
“Not a lot of people know about the
opportunities to be a civilian engineer;
we have 17,000 in our Air Force,” she
Keynote speakers at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2019 in Orlando included (from left) Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris, Georgia Tech
professor Pascal Van Hentenryck and Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo.
Credit: David Brandt IISE
July 2019 | ISE Magazine 57
told ISE in a video interview. “So why
not be on the leading edge of innovation
and technology to bring in new ideas? ...
It’s what the Air Force does every day. It
may not be under the name of industrial
engineering, but thats what they’re do-
On May 20, Pascal Van Hentenryck,
chair and professor of industrial and sys-
tems engineering at Georgia Tech, spoke
on his research into improving mobil-
ity and transportation in various cities
around the world. He pointed out how
transit challenges go beyond the annoy-
ance of commuter traffic and can affect a
populaces access to jobs, proper health-
care and nutrition and the ability to ef-
fectively transport students to school.
“I think this is getting worse and
worse every year,” he told ISE in a video
interview. “The accessibility to jobs is
becoming a very fundamental issue.
Van Hentenrycks team focused on
various solutions for different cities, in-
cluding Canberra, Australia, Ann Arbor,
Michigan, New York City and Atlanta,
all of various sizes and presenting unique
challenges. He discussed how some mu-
nicipalities now aim to adopt the Uber/
Lyft model of first- and last-mile delivery
by picking up people closer to their start-
ing points and destinations. Meanwhile,
transportation models are evolving due
to the increased connectivity of smart-
phone technology and the changing ex-
pectations of a new generation of com-
“People are predictable,” he said in his
speech. “They will do the same thing
most of the time. ... You have to design
different systems for different popula-
tions and expectations.
And how long is his own commute
in daily Atlanta traffic? “About 30 min-
utes,” he told ISE.
On the conferences final day May 21,
Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of the Girl Scouts
of the USA, discussed her background as
a NASA rocket scientist, business execu-
tive and industrial engineering student.
She told how she was inspired by work-
ing on a rocket project as a Girl Scout
growing up in a poor, rural area of New
Mexico, and immediately knew where
she wanted to focus her talents.
Acevedo went on to earn her engi-
neering degrees from Stanford Universi-
ty and New Mexico State University be-
fore joining the space program. Among
the projects she took part in was the Voy-
ager 2 space probe launched by NASAs
Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
“My industrial engineering and math
skills are my superpower,” she said. “Be-
ing an IE was the ‘X’ factor in my career.
At every pivot point in my career, it al-
lowed me to overcome cultural biases.
She helped stress the Girl Scouts’ em-
phasis on science, technology, engineer-
ing and math education by offering 100
new merit badges in STEM and an ad-
ditional six badges in space studies. She
pointed out that nearly every female
astronaut has been a Girl Scout, along
with most female high-tech leaders. She
hopes to place 2½ million more girls
into the STEM workforce by 2020.
This is our moment – the world
needs industrial engineers. We can help
focus on how to not just become a user
of technology but a creator and a design-
er,” Acevedo said.
She discussed how the Girl Scouts
annual cookie sales require their own
brand of ISE logistical know-how, call-
ing it “an IE miracle to move 200 mil-
lion boxes per year. The volunteers be-
come logistical mavens.
And her favorite cookie? “I love the
thin mints,” she told ISE in her video
interview. “Even just opening up the
sleeve and smelling them, just calms me
down. It’s almost like aroma therapy.
You can see portions of the keynote
speeches and watch the video interviews
with each speaker at www.iise.org/Annual.
kudos. Celebrate member achievements.
Cole Smith was recently
promoted to associate pro-
vost, academic initiatives at
Clemson University. He is
IISE’s senior vice president of
continuing education.
Santanu Dey has been
promoted to professor at the
H. Milton Stewart School of
Industrial and Systems En-
gineering at Georgia Tech
beginning in August.
Yao Xie has been promoted
to associate professor with
tenure at Georgia Tech’s H.
Milton Stewart School of
Industrial and Systems En-
gineering, effective Aug. 15.
Let your peers know about hirings, promotions, awards, appointments and other notable accomplishments. Send Kudos items to
Keith Albertson at kalbertson@iise.org.
Robert Hildebrand was
awarded with the Virginia
Tech College of Engineering
SPORN Award from the Stu-
dent Engineers’ Council for
the 2018-2019 academic year.
The award goes to an engi-
neering faculty member who
has demonstrated excellence
in undergraduate instruction.
Harry Pierson, assistant
professor of industrial engi-
neering at the University of
Arkansas will participate in
the summer 2019 Air Force
Research Lab Summer Faculty
Fellowship Program at the Air
Force Research Lab at Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base for
the third straight year.
58 ISE Magazine | www.iise.org/ISEmagazine
The institute
IE scholar ‘for all the wrong reasons’ earns institute’s top honor
N.C. State’s Wysk accepts Gilbreth award at Annual Conference honors banquet
On a night of awards celebrating the
highest achievers in industrial and sys-
tems engineering, the top honor went to
a distinguished member whose life and
career have paralleled IISE’s history.
Richard A. Wysk of North Carolina
State University was presented the Frank
and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engi-
neering award May 20 at the Honors &
Awards banquet held during the IISE
Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando,
The institute’s highest honor rec-
ognizes those who have distinguished
themselves through contributions to the
welfare of mankind in the field of indus-
trial engineering.
“Knowing the people who have won
the award recently, the class of people
is truly outstanding.” Wysk told ISE.
They have been idols of mine for much of my academic life.
In his speech at the banquet, Wysk thanked the “smart and
wonderful people” who have surrounded him, including his
wife Pat, daughters Robyn and Rebecca and late son Rick,
along with his many students.
Somehow, I have been blessed with a whole bunch of
academic children, graduate and undergraduate students that
have made me look good,” he told the crowd. “I learned a
long time ago that you can hide a lot of deficiencies by sur-
rounding yourself with really good people. For instance, if you
cant dance, you find the most attractive partner to dance with
and nobody will ever notice who they’re dancing with. Oddly
enough, before long you can learn how to dance. I have been
surrounded by some of the very best students in our profession,
and I have learned that the mentor often learns more than the
He said he chose to pursue industrial engineering after his
siblings began to study chemistry and he decided to pursue
“the engineering profession farthest away.
“I picked the profession for all of the wrong reasons, and this
was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life,” he
said. “In the analytical part of the profession, this is known as
establishing a correlation using the wrong independent vari-
ables and obtaining a positive result.’ In normal life, this is
called ‘good luck.’”
Wysk was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, in 1948, the
same year IISE was founded. He earned his bachelors and
masters degrees in industrial engineering and operational
research at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and his
doctorate at Purdue University in 1977.
He is a Vietnam veteran who earned two Army Commen-
dation Medals and a Bronze Star as an infantryman. His pro-
fessional career included engineering positions at GE in Erie,
Pennsylvania, and Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Illinois. In aca-
demics, he has held teaching positions at Virginia Tech, Penn
State, Texas A&M and N.C. State.
Wysk is the co-author of seven books and has published
more than 200 technical papers. He is an IISE Fellow, a fellow
of SME, a member of Sigma Xi and a member of Alpha Pi Mu
and Tau Beta Pi.
Throughout each journey in his life, he has applied the basic
thinking of industrial and systems engineering to each disci-
“I think I’ve applied what I’ve done in all realms, going
North Carolina State University professor Richard A. Wysk accepts the Frank and Lillian
Gilbreth Industrial Engineering award May 20 during the Honors & Awards banquet at
the IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida. Pictured are (from left) IISE
President-elect David Poirier, President Jamie Rogers, Wysk and Immediate Past
President Tim McGlothlin.
July 2019 | ISE Magazine 59
into the military, working in industry, doing consulting,” he
told ISE. “I think I approached every problem trying to use
the basic scientific method, trying to determine what the real
problem is, trying to determine what kinds of things are actu-
ally controllable in the system and then trying to figure out the
best possible means and values for control.
Having taught his last semester as a full-time professor, Wysk
now hopes to take the materials he has gathered in 42 years of
teaching and make them available to instructors and students.
“If we can make them public so the next generation of in-
structors will embrace them, add their components to these
materials and redeposit them, it becomes a living repository
and renews itself over time,” he said. “Now as I’m retiring, I
can serve as a gatekeeper for this repository and see if we can
get it off the ground.
Annual Conference award winners
Here is a summary of the other award winners honored at the
conference. You can download a program of winners at iise.
org/annual/awards, and see a photo gallery and more coverage
at www.iise.org/Annual.
Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial
Yu Ding, Texas A&M University
Boeing Excellence Award for Collaboration in
Productivity, Workplace Safety and Ergonomics
Andris Freivalds, The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE
in Academia Award
Kaibo Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
West Monroe Partners Outstanding Early Career IE
in Business/Industry Award
Muyuan Li, BayCare Health System
Outstanding Middle Career IE Leadership Award for
Jonathan Owen, General Motors
Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award
Timothy Greene, Western Michigan University
UPS Minority Advancement Award
Kerri Bair, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Medallion Award
Susan Steadman, The Pennsylvania State University
Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award
Kim LaScola Needy, University of Arkansas
David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award
Barry Nelson, Northwestern University
Captains of Industry Award
Sylvia Acevedo, Girl Scouts of the United States of America
Lt. Gen. Stayce Harris, United States Air Force
James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence
Emily Huffer, Clemson University
Graduate Research Award
Richard Alaimo, University of North Carolina
Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award
Hrayer Aprahmian, Texas A&M University
Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year and IISE
Transactions Awards
Ravi Ravindran and Vittal Prabhu, The Pennsylvania State
Paul Grifn, Purdue University
IISE Transactions Awards
Design & Manufacturing
Best Paper
Engin Topan, University of Twente; Tarkan Tan and
Geert-Jan van Houtum, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven;
Rommert Dekker, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Best Application Paper
Aakil M. Caunhye and Michel-Alexandre Cardin, National
University of Singapore
Operations Engineering & Analytics
Best Paper
Michael P. Atkinson and Moshe Kress, Naval Postgraduate
Best Application Paper
Eghbal Rashidi, Santa Clara University; Hugh Richard
Medal and Aaron Hoskins, Mississippi State University
60 ISE Magazine | www.iise.org/ISEmagazine
The institute
Quality & Reliability Engineering
Best Paper
Chen Zhang, Linmiao Zhang and Nan Chen,
National University of Singapore; Yong Lei,
Zhejiang University
Best Application Paper
Xiaonan Liu and Jing Li, Arizona State University;
Andrew M. Gough, Intel Corporation
Scheduling & Logistics
Best Paper
Divya J. Nair, David Rey and Vinayak V. Dixit,
University of New South Wales
Best Application Paper
Gokce Palak, Shenandoah University; Sandra Duni Eksioglu,
Clemson University; Joseph Geunes, University of Arkansas
Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems
Tamas Terlaky and Mohammad Shahabsafa, Optamo LLC
Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Project
Georgia Institute of Technology-Cisco Team: Karan
Agrawal, Shelby Carswell, Weichao Chen, Trishla Chokshi,
Shaiv Gandhi, Guergana Ilieva, Kayla Raabe and Pavlos
IISE/Rockwell Undergraduate Student Simulation
Sebastien Gamache, Jeremie Picard and Erik Roy-Veilleux,
Ecole de Technologies Superieure
IISE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper
Annel Saavedra, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
IISE Innovative Design Competition 2019
Paula Alejandra Barco, Universidad de los Andes; Bryce
Kuyper, Virginia Tech; Aaron Slavin, Penn State Behrend;
Chase Jones, University of Florida
Excellence Awards – Professional Chapters
Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Costa Rica; South Jersey
Delaware Valley; Los Angeles, California; Milwaukee,
Wisconsin; National Capital (DC); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
Wichita, Kansas
Greater Kansas City; Twin Cities, Minnesota
Central Connecticut; Central Florida; Chicago, Illinois;
Memphis, Tennessee; Reading, Pennsylvania; Rochester,
New York; Raleigh, North Carolina
Award of Merit
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Long Island,
New York; Richmond, Virginia; Syracuse, New York
Most Improved
Los Angeles, California
Outstanding Faculty Advisors Award
Global Level Honoree
U.S. Southeast Region
Yongpei Guan, University of Florida
Regional Level Honorees
Canadian Region
Mohamed Wahab Ismail, Ryerson University
Central & South American Region
Anael Espinal Varela, UNITEC Honduras
Central Asian Region
Jitesh J. Thakkar, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur
Mexican Region
Luis Enrique Chavez Munoz, Benemerita Universidad
Autonoma de Puebla
Students offer their Technical Paper presentations during competition at the
Annual Conference.
Credit: Keith Albertson IISE
July 2019 | ISE Magazine 61
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62 ISE Magazine | www.iise.org/ISEmagazine
The institute
Middle Eastern Region
Osama T. Al Meanazel, Hashemite University
Southeast Asian Region
Hwi Chie Ho, Binus University
U.S. Great Lakes Region
Martin Cala, Youngstown State University
U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region
Eileen Van Aken, Virginia Tech
U.S. North Central Region
Sinan Onal, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
U.S. Northeast Region
Janis Terpenny, The Pennsylvania State University
U.S. South Central Region
Mehmet Bayram Yildirim, Wichita State University
U.S. Western Region
Kamran Abedini, California State Polytechnic University-
Best Track Papers
Sudip Subedi and Nipesh Pradhananga, Florida International
Data Analytics & Information Systems
Sara Masoud, Bijoy Dripta Barua Chowdhury, Yong-Jun Son
and Russell Tronstad, University of Arizona
Energy Systems
Awnalisa Walker and Soongeol Kwon, Binghamton University
Engineering Economy
Ramin Giahi, Cameron McKenzie and Chao Hu, Iowa State
Engineering Management
Jenny Diaz-Ramirez and Jose Huertas, Tecnologico de
Facilities Design & Planning
Debjit Roy and Vishal Bansal, Indian Institute of
Health Systems
Nazmus Sakib and Mingyang Li, University of South Florida
Logistics & Supply Chain
Albert Vinsensius, Darren Ng, Ek Peng Chew and Loo Hay
Lee, National University of Singapore
Modeling & Simulation
Md Mamunur Rahman, Yuan Zhou and K. Jamie Rogers,
The University of Texas at Arlington
Quality Control & Reliability
Juhui Lee and Sungil Kim, National Institute of Science
Society and Division Awards
Data Analytics & Information Systems Mobile App
Sura Mansi, Anuja Bhide, Narasimha Prasath Krishnan and
Ingyu Lee, Binghamton University
IISE members check out the posters in the Exhibit Hall during
the Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando.
Credit: David Brandt IISE
Students (from left) Sabrina Salameh, Sneha Sinha, Carlos
Garza and Dustin Diep lead a panel discussion on diversity and
inclusion on Monday of the Annual Conference.
Credit: David Brandt IISE
July 2019 | ISE Magazine 63
Student researchers cited for study on lathe risks
University of New Haven team includes 3 IISE members
Three IISE student members are among a team of research-
ers at Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University
of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut, who earned
recognition for their paper on injuries related to manual
lathe use.
The group, consisting of industrial engineering and en-
gineering management graduate students, included Chait-
anya Matapathi, Ramcharan Pulugurtha, Girishwaran Sun-
dar, Madhuri Kudke, Harish Kusekar and Sohail Shaikh.
Sundar, Matapathi and Kudke are IISE student chapter
members. They studied the effects of a lathe operator’s pos-
ture on muscular-skeletal injuries for their paper “Quanti-
cation of Posture in Human-Lathe Interface.” The research
earned third-place honors at the 2018 American Society of
Engineering Education-Northeast Conference at the Uni-
versity of Hartford.
“I have personally worked on lathe machines,” Kudke
said in a story on the schools website, available at link.iise.
org/newhaven. “So I know the dangers of it.
She said she hopes the research could provide “proper
guidance about ergonomic practices in human-machine
Data Analytics & Information Systems Best Student
Paper Award
Jialei Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Health Systems Best Student Paper
Prashant Meckoni, University of Massachusetts
Logistics and Supply Chain Division Best Student Paper
Sagarkumar Hirpara and Pratik Parikh, Wright State University
OR Division Undergraduate Student Research
Dissemination Award
Ning Zhang and Jennifer Pazour, Rennssalaer Polytechnic
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Members of a research team at the Tagliatela College of
Engineering at the University of New Haven and faculty adviser
Ali Montazer (seated at center) created a research paper on
manual lathe health risks. They are (from left) Chaitanya
Matapathi, Ramcharan Pulugurtha, Girishwaran Sundar,
Madhuri Kudke, Harish Kusekar and Sohail Shaikh.
Credit: Photo courtesy of University of New Haven
64 ISE Magazine | www.iise.org/ISEmagazine
The institute
June 2019 | ISE Magazine 65
1 ISE Magazine | www.iise.org/ISEmagazine
With IISE you can create awareness and boost your visibility with thousands of
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Student groups stay on the move
IISE chapters busy at conferences, study tours
The 2019 IISE Canadian Student Conference was held Jan. 17-20 at Concordia University in
Montreal. It attracted more than 350 attendees and industry guests and included more than 150
competitors in seven competitions and 21 speakers. There were 22 companies and organizations
represented and 10 industry booths. Pictured are the conference organizers: President Cynthia Abou
Atme, committee members Arielle Ashley Serano, Alain Khoury, Roxanne Boucher, Younes Rifai,
Matthew Padvaiskas, Claudio Pantoni, Mark Aboujaoude, Youssef Oska, Megan Padvaiskas and
Mike Lafalaise and IISE Concordia Chapter President Dario Vincelli. The 2020 regional conference is
scheduled for January at the University of Toronto.
Six Sigma Green
Belt for Process
and Six Sigma
Green Belt for
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with the Power of
Noon EDT, July 23
Damage Assessment
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2 p.m. EDT, Aug. 6
Complete training,
webinar schedule
Members of the American University of Sharjah
chapter in the United Arab Emirates pose before
the Coliseum in Rome during an international
study tour Jan. 15-21 in Italy. The group visited
Rome, Florence and Venice, and took part in
tours of the Rina Group company, Sapienza
University and the Lamborghini store.
IISE members from the University of Florida
took part in the 2019 IISE Southeastern
Regional Conference Feb. 7-10 in Baton Rouge,
Louisiana. During the four-day event, the
members toured industrial plants, attended
professional development workshops and won
first place in the Case Competition.