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Coronavirus Resource & Response

IISE CEO MESSAGE: Learn lessons together via global conferences for ISEs

Dear IISE members & guests,

We are proud of our industrial and systems engineers worldwide whether they are established in the profession or studying to make their mark on its future. Especially during this time of crisis and disruption, ISEs continue to lead and find better systems and processes to help organizations survive and thrive.

Through IISE international conferences, we celebrate and capture these positive works of ISEs customized to their field. To ensure ISEs are able to continue to present findings, share innovative practices, network with colleagues, advance their careers, and view cutting-edge products and services, IISE conferences this spring are being held online for everyone's convenience and safety.

It's more important than ever to stay focused, on track and learn lessons together in these challenging times. We look forward to your participation at an IISE conference.

Coming soon: The popular Virtual IISE Annual Conference & Expo May 22-25.

Thank you!

Don Greene
Chief Executive Officer
Norcross GA

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