Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division

Quality Control & Reliability Engineering (QCRE)


About the division

Members of this division are involved in quality management, quality measurement and assurance, quality control analysis, inspection criteria and reliability/maintainability of products or services.

Our Vision: To be the premier professional organization for individuals engaged in quality control and reliability engineering (QCRE) in both academia and industry by increasing networking and partnership among its members, and providing opportunities to foster, recognize and share innovations at the forefront of QCRE.

Our Mission: The QCRE division is primarily interested in the theory, methodology, and practice in all technical areas that develop or apply QCRE, and brings together members from academia and industry who share a common interest in topics related to research and practice of QCRE.

Our division is comprised of >3,000 members,  61% are students and 39% are professional members from academia and industry.

QCRE Bylaws

QCRE Board of Directors (2021-2022 term)

Linkan Bian
Assistant Professor 
Mississippi State University 
Starkville, MS

Immediate Past President
Adel Alaeddini
Associate Professor 
University of Texas at San Antonio     
San Antonio, TX

Ramin Moghaddass
Assistant Professor
University of Miami
Coral Gable, FL

Directors for 2021-2023
Ahmed Aziz Ezzat   
Assistant Professor                                           
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey                                           
Piscataway, NJ

Xiaolei Fang  
Assistant Professor                                          
North Carolina University                                         
Raleigh, NC

Na Zou  
Assistant Professor                                          
Texas A&M University                                        
College Station, TX

Directors for 2019-2023 
Yisha Xiang
Assistant Professor 
Texas Tech University 
Lubbock, TX 

Directors for 2020-2022
Chen Kan
Assistant Professor
University of Texas
Arlington, TX

Mingyang Li  
Assistant Professor                                            
University of South Florida                                             
Tampa, FL

Student Board Member
Zhicheng Zhu
Texas Tech University 
Lubbock, TX

Division Best Paper Award

Every year the QRCE division receives various abstracts and papers to be presented at the IISE Conference. The division's board members identify the "best paper" and recognize the authors of the paper at the IISE Conference. The QCRE committee is responsible also for awarding The William A.J. Golomski Award, which is bestowed annually to honor the outstanding paper in the proceedings of the Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS).

Articles needed for the IISE QCRE Division's Quarterly Newsletter

The division is publishing its quarterly newsletters and hereby soliciting news entries. This is a great opportunity to showcase interesting yet impactful researches, professional practices and educational efforts within the division. The solicited story will go into the following blocks in the newsletter: Research on the News, Practical Applications and Education and Outreach.

To enter a submission:

  • Prepare your story write-up within 300 words (write it with plain language for very much diverse audiences).
  • Provide a nice picture to go with the story.
  • Provide a link (if possible) to a detailed version of the story (hyperlink to your project public webpage, etc.).

To ensure the completion of the newsletter within the timeframe, submitting your write-up by March 1, June 1, Sept. 1 and Dec. 1, respectively for each quarter of the year is strongly recommended. It would be great if you can let the newsletter editor know when you consider to submit one, so that arrangement can be made accordingly to include your story into the nearest issue of the newsletter.

Thanks in advance for the help, and together we will make our newsletter one of the best in IISE!

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