Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in donating your time and talents as an IISE volunteer. IISE is a member-led organization. Members may be elected, appointed, or may volunteer for the various boards, councils, committees, task forces and advisory boards responsible for providing leadership throughout the organization.

Some of IISE's boards and volunteer committees are described below. For more information about volunteering, contact Amy Straub, IISE Membership Administrator.

Elected Boards

Membership on these boards is by Institute-wide election held each year in January. The nomination process begins in September each year.

Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is accountable for the operation and responsible for the policies of the Institute. It can consist of nine to 15 members to reflect the geographic and professional diversity of the membership. The current board consists of 14 members. Two are appointed by elected members of the board (IAB rep and VP of student development) and 11 are elected by Professional Members. As staff, the CEO is not elected or appointed. Contact: Don Greene, chief executive officer of IISE.

North American Operations Board. This elected board develops policy and provides strategic direction for the effective operation of IISE's regions and chapters in the U.S.,Canada and Mexico. View the list of current board members or contact the chair, Jennifer Cross, Senior Vice President of North American Operations. Role Expectations for Regional Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents.

International Operations Board. The International Operations Board is made up of the senior vice president of international operations and international area vice presidents. The Board is responsible for membership development and managing the international activities and relationships of the Institute. Contact: Gino Lim, Senior Vice President International Operations. Role Expectations for Regional Vice Presidents and Assistant Regional Vice Presidents.

Technical Operations Board. This elected board develops policy and provides strategic direction for the effective operation of IISE's societies and divisions. View the list of  current board members or contact the chair, Joseph Wilck, senior vice president of technical operations on the IISE BOT.

Other Volunteer Groups

Membership on these groups is by invitation or appointment. Those interested in participating with any of these groups should contact the person listed for each group.

Honors Steering Committee. This committee comprises the director of honors, appointed by the president for a term of three years, and appointed member(s) from each operating board to serve for two years. Each board is responsible for administering the selection process for its specific set of awards including calls for nominations, judging, reviewing each awards' results, and benchmarking against the IISE honors and awards vision and mission. Winners and recommendations for changes are to be presented to the Honors Steering Committee for review. Contact: Scott Sink.

ABET Accreditation. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is composed of 21 professional societies, including IISE. Even though accreditation is awarded by ABET, IISE has the responsibility for establishing industrial engineering program criteria; selecting, training, and assigning program evaluators; and appointing IISE members to various ABET boards and commissions. IISE is also responsible for accrediting programs in engineering management, industrial management, and systems engineering. IISE maintains a list of ISyE program evaluators who make campus visits to evaluate ISyE programs. There are now 40 individuals who volunteer as IE program evaluators. IISE tries to maintain a balanced mix of academic and nonacademic volunteers as program evaluators and as board and commission members. Contact: Brian Charles.

Seminar and Workshop Review Committee. This committee is charged with identifying and assessing the educational needs of fellow members; suggesting and selecting courses to be offered; evaluating proposals prepared by potential presenters for seminars and workshops offered by IISE; and soliciting members, colleagues, and others to become IISE instructors. Contact: James Swisher, a continuing education specialist at IISE.

Conference Planning Committees. Each IISE conference has its own program planning committee and local host committee. Contacts: Anna Johnston or Carol Johnson, continuing education/conferences specialists at IISE.