Personal and Professional Mastery: The Foundation for Becoming a Change Master

April 7, 2022
Presenter: Scott Sink, Virginia Tech, IISE Chapter 1

Don’t miss your chance to help craft IISE’s new certificate on Change Leadership and Management.

John Webb, an expert trainer in personal and professional mastery, kicked off this new training March 3 (view webinar here). Webb and IISE’s Scott Sink will design modules based on participant dialogue and engagement (just like “physical” in-person training). Each module will have three portions:

  1. didactic
  2. experiment/experiential exercise 
  3. retrospective reflection/dialogue

Topics will include, but are not limited to: speed of trust, mindset management, intention and commitment, intellectual honesty, ladder of inference, the power of feedback, creation skillfulness, and accountability.

To participate in this Webinar Series, e-mail Scott Sink,

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