A Big Interview with a Professional Mastery Coach On Being Creation Skillful: Personal and Professional Mastery

April 1, 2021

We’re switching gears a bit to start Quarter 2 of 2021. Some of you may have seen some of Dan Rather’s "The Big Interview" series; this webinar will be in that type of format. We will have slide material that we share with you but the webinar itself will be a dialogue. The focus is on how a professional (student, young professional, mature/seasoned professional, doesn’t matter) continues to grow and develop and evolve as a "human being" and therefore also as a professional change agent. Creation Skillfulness will be a major theme in the dialogue. Self-awareness, consciousness will be another major component of conversation. We’ll most likely also migrate to Mental Models and Paradigms … John Webb is a seasoned personal mastery trainer. John and Scott will tag team to share some points of view, learnings and lessons on how to help people ensure they achieve full potential performance in their lives and careers.

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