Industry Benchmarking: Operational Excellence Best Practices

Feb. 2, 2021

Join me and our panelists (Jim Dobson, Disney; Bill Hathaway, Moresteam; Rupy Sawhney, University of Tennessee; and Deborah Nightingale, UCF and MIT) for a dialogue on best practices in the field of Operational Excellence and Enterprise Transformations. Disney is an example of an organization that has what I consider to be a "natural," part of their DNA Op Ex Program that relies heavily on ISE, so Jim will bring that point of view. Bill Hathaway has provided annual OpEx Best Practice Conferences and has extensive visibility and experience with organizations that come at OpEx in many different ways. Rupy Sawhney brings a how to integrate people and quality of work life into OpEx Program point of view. And Deborah Nightingale has extensive experience with Lean and Enterprise Transformations. So this promises to be an outstanding, thought provoking sharing for you all.

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