Industry Benchmarking: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Best Practices in Operational Excellence

Jan. 19, 2021

This webinar was created in response to a request from one of our loyal members of IISE and of our Webinar series. The point was correctly made that a lot of our focus has been on the "big guys," ISE in larger enterprises. SMEs are the backbone of the US and for sure the Global Economy. They generate a significant share of jobs and contribution to GDP in almost all parts of the World.

We have assembled an "eclectic" panel of SME seasoned leaders. All of these SME representatives have and are working at improving operational excellence. SMEs go about this differently from larger enterprises that have more resources to throw at the process. We’ll share examples of OE type initiatives that are occurring in these participating panelists but also share some overall frameworks that SME’s can employ in the face of scarce resources.

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