Using 'Control Towers' to Integrate your Digital Supply Network

I know some of you are thinking right now, “I mean really; you are doing a webinar and you can’t even decide which title to put on it?” You are right, and I apologize, but I really could not decide. You see, the two titles are not for me, but for you. I know which title I prefer, but I know not which title is best for you. Some people will prefer the first and some the second. So … you decide which title is best for you and then join me on March 18 as I answer these questions:

  1. How have I been working on this webinar since year 2003?
  2. What is a control tower?
  3. What is a digital supply network?
  4. What does it mean to digitize your supply chain?
  5. How do control towers integrate digital supply networks?
  6. What 2003 aspirations are reality today and how are we exceeding those aspirations?
  7. How has artificial intelligence and machine learning come into play?
  8. What is the value proposition for control towers?
  9. What is the path forward to control tower success?

This webinar is presented by one of the leading thought leaders of supply chains, Jim Tompkins. Jim an Industrial & Systems Engineering leader, past president of the IISE, Fellow of IISE and the recipient of highest IISE recognition the Frank and Lillian Gilbreath Award. Jim continues to set the pace on supply chain reinvention and innovation and in this webinar will take your mind to a whole new place. In fact, Jim told me he has moved on from supply chains to supply networks and he will disclose his latest thinking in this webinar. You do not want to miss this.

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