Teaching Lean: Proven Best Practices for Transactional Processes

We have partnered with the Operational Excellence Division in IISE and their Director, Dadiye Erdil from the University of New Haven, to bring you three Lean Trainer Experts.

  • Tom will share details on his lego style physical simulation of an automotive assembly line. It is one of the best and most comprehensive lean training systems I've seen.
  • Jared will share details on his work with Moresteam (right here in Columbus) to apply inbox which is a virtual simulation which can be used to teach people how to apply lean in transactional process situations. A great relatively new innovation.
  • Scott will share a mobile lab similar to Tom's but one that uses sticklebrick/bristle block. It is a very robust physical simulation that can serve as training for traditional product lean or service lean.

Download Presentaton ( PDF ) | Download Video ( MP4)