Healthcare Systems Engineering and Practice Optimization at Mayo Clinic

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2 p.m. Eastern time | Register now
Presenter: Johanna Ficatier, quality improvement advisor, Mayo Clinic Rochester (Minnesota)

Making care more affordable while improving the quality of care is one complex aim of healthcare systems engineering. At Mayo Clinic the Practice Optimization and Acceleration (POA) Program serves as the central point of contact for process improvement initiatives. Areas with opportunities for improvement are selected and multidisciplinary teams are formed to collaboratively work on practice redesign towards a new standard of care.

Part of the POA portfolio, the PACE project is a collaborative effort across the 6 sites (Rochester, Arizona, Florida, Mankato, Eau Claire, La Crosse) of the Mayo Clinic health systems to reduce the total costs associated with the implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker implantation practice, while maintaining or improving outcomes for these procedures and hospitalizations. Specifically, supplies costs and length of stay (LOS) were identified as drivers of costs for the pacemaker / ICD implant practice and with the biggest costs reduction opportunities. The multi-site team used Value Stream Mapping paired with effort / impact matrix, to identify and prioritize interventions that would help reduce overall costs. Interventions that were not directly costs-saving but would improve patient satisfaction were also selected. A reduction in both supplies costs and LOS was observed for the Pacemaker / ICD practice, and the project also was the opportunity to establish a culture of continuous improvement in the practice.

Johanna Ficatier is a quality improvement advisor in the research administrative services at Mayo Clinic Rochester (Minnesota), where she also holds the academic rank of instructor in health systems engineering.

Johanna has a master of science in engineering management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a master of business administration from Viterbo University. She is also Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.

Originally from France, Johanna has worked in Japan in the industrial equipment and machine tools industry. She turned to the healthcare industry in 2014, first as a research assistant while pursuing her Master's degree. She joined Mayo Clinic in 2016 and after spending 4 years as a health systems engineer leading various process improvement projects across the organization, she recently joined the research administration in 2020.

Johanna is an active member of the IISE and the Operation Excellence Division since 2015, and has been serving on the Board of Directors since 2018.