Operational Analytics - New Frontiers for ISEs

Presenters: Ben Amaba, Ph.D., IBM and D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., Ohio State University

This is yet another offering from Chapter No. 1 in our series on Operational Analytics. The focus in this one-hour session is on operational analytics to include automation of analytics — AI as well as data and implementation sciences as a New Frontier for ISEs. We’ll continue to utilize the Intel Analytics Triangle and Management Systems Model as our organizing frameworks, those work well. We will also build on some nice work happening at the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada. We’ll also build on the nice presentation that Matheus Scuta from Ford did overviewing Ford's approach to integrated operational analytic.

Ben Amaba is our featured speaker; Scott will be more of a color commentator and will tee up the webinar. Ben is the global chief technology officer (CTO), data science and AI elite team, industrial manufacturing for IBM. One of his interests is the intersection of ISE and Industry 4.0 and Data/Operational Analytics.

What we will focus on is how ISEs can contribute and in some cases make a great career in the operational analytics field. We’ll discuss the emerging field of what’s called data and implementation sciences. The ability to get the right data, organize it properly, analyze it quickly and effectively and drive through to solutions that are effectively implemented is super critical in today’s fast paced world. We’ll help you understand and frame up this evolution.

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