IISE's Solutions Shared – An Online Learning Series

IISE's Solutions Shared

IISE members are going to reinvent the webinar.

Beginning in 2020, IISE will present “Solutions Shared,” a monthly series event featuring unique online presentations by IISE members about industrial and systems engineering applications that successfully tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

While webinars have been a staple of IISE continuing education for many years, “Solutions Shared” offers an opportunity for experts from academia and industry to provide a fresh approach to online workshops with a streamlined schedule of monthly innovative sessions populated up to a year in advance, culled through a selection process by a committee of IISE member-volunteers.

A “Solutions Shared” presentation* should be:

  • Focused on large-scale challenges with universal appeal that are or can be met by solutions rooted in industrial engineering, systems engineering, health care quality, ergonomics, human factors and other disciplines endorsed under IISE.
  • Presented in formats that suit the subject matter, whether that includes exhibiting pre-edited or existing video content; or holding an online roundtable discussion among experts on the main topic.
  • Set for 40 to 60 minutes.
  • Followed by a live Q&A on IISE Connect with IISE members who attend the live presentation.

In 2020, IISE will showcase one “Solutions Shared” event per month, so there are multiple chances for your presentation to be considered for this series.**

If you are interested in submitting a webinar for consideration, please fill out an abstract proposal form and submit the document by email to Carol Le Blanc. Abstract submissions will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling monthly basis. Reviewers will select among the submitted topics and speakers for the upcoming 2020 calendar year.

Submit your abstract now!

* Titles of presentations may be subject to change by IISE for marketing purposes but in collaboration with the presentation author(s).

** “Solutions Shared” online presentations are the property of IISE and can be used for IISE marketing and communications. IISE members should feel free to submit multiple presentation proposals though submission does not guarantee selection. Key presenters are limited to two presentations per year and not presented in consecutive order.