How to Create Value in "Covert" ISE Roles

Presenters: D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., P.E., Ohio State University, Sean Genovese, Senior Industrial Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Russell Wooten, Whole Earth Consulting and Engineering

ISE graduates frequently get hired into non-traditional ISE roles (or they naturally migrate into them as their career progresses). As such, we often find ourselves see opportunities that our ISE’s skills can assist with but it’s not in our position description, per se.

Covert industrial engineers apply their skills as ISE’s in roles that may not be typically associated with the profession. These roles often have non-traditional titles and responsibilities, but are tailor made for the industrial engineering skillset.

Scott and Sean both have significant experience with this type of situation and will share their views on how to ‘get things done’ from an ISE perspective, when it’s not really your job. Regardless of their company position, Covert ISE’s find ways to unleash the power of industrial engineering principles as practitioners, managers, and advisors, yet don’t have “industrial engineer” in their job title. Attendees will learn about the career path Covert ISE examples have taken, whether it was deliberate or unintentional, and strategies to consider should they decide to follow a similar path.The session will begin with a few thought-provoking stats about industrial engineering in industry, followed by pre-selected questions from the moderator and plenty of time for the audience to participate. All are welcome and will extract value, but students and recent graduates will be especially interested in our content, we believe.

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