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IISE Cup, in its third year, is an international competition that provides an exciting opportunity for companies to highlight their successful innovation solutions. The IISE Cup recognizes organizations for innovative and effective implementation of industrial and systems engineering principles and practices that deliver exemplary business performance improvement. Starting in 2020 IISE conducted the award competition to promote successful implementation of industrial & systems engineering practices by recognizing best in class industries and sharing their stories with others. This is one of IISE’s most prestigious awards to be given to a team and their industry.

The award will be bestowed to the top three teams and be presented at the upcoming 2023 IISE Annual Conference & Expo. The conference will be in New Orleans, La. May 20-23, 2023 to select the Excellence Award.

See what the past winners have to say about the IISE CUP:

• Gold award @IISECup 2021: Dunwoody College of Technology/Iowa Valley RC&D (Anuj Mittal): https://youtu.be/HDNNSo6Q3Vg
• Gold award @IISECup 2020: Mayo Clinic Health System (Amrika Ramjewan): https://youtu.be/dOPOZAv1HvI

Eligibility criteria

  • Any team (2 or more members) of any organization who wants to showcase their successful implementation of industrial/systems engineering concepts.
  • The team must demonstrate innovative uses of ISE methods, tools and techniques for its measurable outcomes.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries from an organization. However, only one submission is allowed from the same site in the organization.
  • The initiative should have been implemented within the last 36 months and performance measures should be presented.
  • At least 75 percent of the problem-solving effort is conducted by in-house personnel. Support from outside consultants is permitted but only organization’s representatives are permitted on the presentation team if selected.

Awarding process

  • All entries will be pre-screened to select 10 finalist teams.
  • All finalist teams will be required to attend the 2023 IISE Annual Conference & Expo and present their cases.
  • Top 3 teams will be selected and announced during the 2023 IISE Annual Conference & Expo awards presentation. There will be a 1st place gold, 2nd place silver and 3rd bronze awarded
  • Conference attendees will also vote to select the Excellence Award.

Evaluation criteria

  • Challenge: The challenge addressed is unique, important to the organization, and has societal relevance.
  • ISE Solution: The approach used is innovative and based on ISE tools/techniques with measurable performance objectives (e.g., cost or effort reduction, quality improvement, health and safety, energy management, business transformation, or similar).
  • Implementation, Impact and Sustainability: The solution has been implemented and sustained (at least 1 year) with significant impact.
  • Communication: The quality of technical communication (e.g., uploaded video, final presentation at an in-person session, and Q&A with judges) that clearly highlights the challenge, metrics, implementation, and similar, along with visuals. 

    Submission Process

    To provide necessary detail and ensure consistency in judging, you will fill in the application form and attach a narrative document that describes the initiative. Your narrative document must be a maximum of five standard pages using a minimum font size of 10 points. Supporting materials or samples may be included if they are directly applicable to your entry however, they will not be returned. The selected 10 teams will need to submit a 90 second video entry according to the respective requirements on the submission.


    The complete application package should be submitted by March 11, 2023.

    • Finalists will be announced: March 21, 2023
    • Finalists confirmation to attend the 2023 IISE Annual Conference & Expo: March 28, 2023
    • Video and Project Summary Handouts due April 12. 2023
    • Team members registrations, March 21, 2023
    • 2022 IISE Annual Conference and Expo, Seattle, Washington, May 20-23, 2023

    2022-23 committee chair

    Pratik Parikh
    University of Louisville
    Louisville, Ky.

    2022-23 committee members

    Chanchal Saha, IBM
    Faisal Aqlan, University of Louisville
    Kathy Gamboa, IISE

    2022 Winners

    Dave Leone and Evan Kessick
    GE Appliances
    “Transforming Part Inspection through Introduction and Operationalization of 3D Scanning”

    Francisco Rafael Torres Diaz and James Bitner
    Cummins Inc.
    “Factory Labor Efficiency Integrated Manufacturing Strategy”

    Kasia Karimee Garcia Bracho and Edgar Su Su-Choug
    IBM Guadalajara
    “Lean Six Sigma in a Digital Environment”