IISE Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Projects

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 12 p.m. Eastern time | Register now

Presenters: Talia Zaverdinos, University of Edinburgh; Jad Haj Ali, Virginia Tech; and Guergana Ilieva, Georgia Tech
Moderator: D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., P.E., Ohio State University

The Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering in partnership with ISE at Ohio State and Virginia Tech, launched an Annual Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Project Competition and Award. The top 20 ISE Capstone projects were selected, and a Project Poster Showcase was held in Orlando at the Annual IISE Conference. From those top 20 projects from 15 different ISE departments the top three were selected and they will be the feature of this webinar. 

Talia Zaverdinos now a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh in business analytics will share her Simulation Development Project that allowed Abbott nutrition to more effectively and efficiently migrate from concept design to detailed design for a $62M 2-oz bottling line project; a simulation application case study. The solution, a working simulation model, enabled Abbott to make critical RFP and RFQ decisions and keep the project on track and on schedule. The simulation allowed the project team to lock in on a design and prove to the operations team that lower labor costs were possible and more importantly caused operations to understand the full potential of simulation.

Guergana Ilieva is the student from the team at Georgia Tech that will be presenting in the webinar. Their project was with Cisco, more specifically Cisgocean. Their problem focused on optimizing shipping costs (solution created $10.8M in logistics savings), improving ocean shipping utilization (solution created a 92% service level for the customer) and decreasing their carbon footprint (solution positioned a 16% decrease in carbon emission).

Jad Haj Ali from Virginia Tech will share his team’s project with Eastman Chemical Company. Jad and his team worked on creating an inventory optimization strategy for Eastman Chemical. The objectives of their project were to quantify/rationalize safety stock levels for selected ‘sku’s’, increase service levels, and improve cash flow (reduce inventory costs). Their solution has forecasted savings of ~ $1.5M (for the top 20 products the uncovered savings of over $5M) that derive from improved service levels (improved by 30% for some products), reduced ordering costs (reduced number of orders by 92%), and additional benefit of having an inventory control strategy that is consistent with company goals (optimized the tradeoff between inventory level and service level).