Operational Analytics: Sustainable Visual Measurement Systems

Presenters: Scott Sink, Ph.D., P.E., The Ohio State

This webinar is a continuation of our series in the area of operational analytics. In this webinar, part 6, Scott will focus on how to sustain visible measurement systems. Many ISEs work on process improvement projects and find visibility/transparency for performance to be lacking or non-existent. We know from job characteristics theory, that knowledge of results is one of the five core job dimensions for full potential performance. We’ll review that theory and model.

ISE’s often create operational "apps" that integrate data and facts and then provide charts, graphs, etc. that track performance longitudinally. These visible measurement systems (often workarounds that are created to ‘patch’ a flawed ERP system) are neat, work, and are needed but sustaining them is often difficult.

Project Transition Action Plans (PTAPs) are created but often these don’t stick, the half life is short. This webinar will focus on how ISE efforts to improve visible measurement systems can be made more sustainable.

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