Principles for Creating Ideal Behaviors from Employees

Presenters: Scott Sink, Ph.D., The Ohio State University and Laura Czuba, Salo Solutions

The assurance of ‘ideal behaviors’ from customers is known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The assurance of "ideal behaviors" from employees could be labelled Employee Value Exchange Optimization, (EVEO, not to be confused with EVOO). ISEs are often called upon or are required to find ways to improve employee performance. Consulting companies embed this in their Workforce Optimization offerings.  

We feel that fundamental principles underlying employee behaviors and performance are often lost in the large number of ‘solutions’ and fads that are common in this domain. In short, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees.  

As such, this webinar will focus on these areas:

  • Contextual overview, framework presentation;
  • Review of the history and evolution of theories, principles, methods for motivating ideal/optimal employee performance;
  • Quick review of the 3 major theories of motivation;
  • Overview of the major methods for employee performance assurance today;
  • Introduction to Employee Value Exchange Optimization (EVEO);
  • And end with a case study of an EVEO application/deployment in a healthcare organization.

We’ll respond to questions as they come in during the webinar (written questions).

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