Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More

Presenter: Mark Graban, president, Constancy Inc.

The metric has gone up since last month – should we celebrate? Does that mean we have a trend and we’re on the right track? Oh no, that metric is down and is now worse than our goal – should we react and look for a root cause? The answers to those questions could be yes, no, or maybe. 

In this webinar, Mark Graban will explain how a method called “Process Behavior Charts” can help us in our improvement work and the ongoing management of our healthcare organization. Process Behavior Charts also help us answer the questions posed above.

If you attended Professor Don Wheeler’s keynote at SHS a few years back, you learned a bit about these methods. This webinar will share healthcare examples and a deeper dive into this simple, yet powerful, methodology.

Graban will also give a preview of his upcoming Society for Health Systems Process Improvement Conference keynote talk, where he will explore answers to the question of “Why don’t best practices get embraced more quickly, more widely?”

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