Smart Analytics:  How ISEs Can Prepare Themselves to Play Key Roles in Operational Analytics

Presenters: Scott Sink, Ph.D., PE, The Ohio State University; Jared Frederici, The Poirier Group; Vignesh Gundesha, OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center and Matheus Scuta, Ford Motor Company

IISE Chapter No. 1 joins CISE and the Data Analytics and Information Systems Division in providing the 5th in a series of webinars in the area of Operational Analytics and Industry and Service 4.0. Our first four webinars were an overview of how the Intel Global Supply Chain Analytics Framework can be utilized to improve analytics in support of Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects.

This fifth webinar will examine additional frameworks, models, approaches to analytics and zoom in on how ISEs can contribute but also on what ISEs must do to be prepared to ‘play’ in this domain. We’ll also discuss Industry/Service 4.0, smart analytics in this session.

Matheus Scuta joins us from Ford's, Global Data Insight and Analytics (GDIA) department. Jared Frederici from the Poirier Group and  Vignesh Gundesha, OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center continues as a panel contributor and will focus on analytic tools and methods that ISEs need to become acquainted with in order to contribute in this area. These presenters will discuss the following topics with an emphasis on how ISEs can develop their knowledge and skills in the operational analytics arena/domain.

  • How analytics is changing manufacturing, service systems and ISE;
  • How a 100+ year old company, Ford Motor Company, is adopting analytics and potentially talk about some very high-level information about projects;
  • How a young, 10-year old ISE consulting firm is assisting organizations make the transition to 4.0 Analytics;
  • Advice to current students and professionals on how to adopt or adapt to analytics; advice on preparing themselves).

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