From Engineer to Leader

Presenter: Timothy J. Greene, Ph.D., professor, Western Michigan University

Your personal characteristics are part of what will define your effectiveness as a leader. Together, your characteristics, knowledge, style and values provide the framework and structure for you as a leader and manager. Characteristics are those things that are inherent to who you are that effect how you respond to leadership opportunities. People look for characteristics in their leaders that give them the confidence that they will be led by an ethical, principled person.

What are the characteristics that you seek in a person who will lead you? From this webinar, as you observe those that lead you, you will be better able to identify their characteristics that make them outstanding leaders.

What characteristics do you already possess? What characteristics do you want to develop in yourself that will help you be an outstanding leader?

This webinar will help you identify those leadership characteristics you currently have and those you want to acquire and develop. With a better understanding of your characteristics you will be a better leader. 

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