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Supply Chain 4.0: Benchmarking to latest Innovations in Logistics and Supply Chain Leadership and Management

Jan. 25, 11 a.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Benoit Montreuil and Thorsten Wuest

Benoit Montreuil is a thought leader from ISyE at Georgia Tech. He is director of the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute and also director of the Physical Internet Center and Lab. Scott Sink had the opportunity, with our CISE group, to visit Benoit and see his labs and came away very impressed and hence wanted to share with you all. Thorsten Wuest is a thought leader from ISE at West Virginia University and has recently published a book, "Digital Supply Networks."

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Disruptive Innovation in Distribution: From Weeks to Days to Hours

Mike Sherwin with IISE's Logistics and Supply Division has arranged to have four industry experts share their insights and learnings on how disruptive innovation is taking place and can continue to take place to drive superior performance. Mike will be joined by Ravi Vendgadam from Target as our moderators for the discussion.

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Teaching Lean: Proven Best Practices for Transactional Processes

We have partnered with the Operational Excellence Division in IISE and their Director, Dadiye Erdil from the University of New Haven, to bring you three Lean Trainer Experts.

  • Tom will share details on his lego style physical simulation of an automotive assembly line. It is one of the best and most comprehensive lean training systems I've seen.
  • Jared will share details on his work with Moresteam (right here in Columbus) to apply inbox which is a virtual simulation which can be used to teach people how to apply lean in transactional process situations. A great relatively new innovation.
  • Scott will share a mobile lab similar to Tom's but one that uses sticklebrick/bristle block. It is a very robust physical simulation that can serve as training for traditional product lean or service lean.

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How to Create People Centered Operational Excellence Strategies

A very frame breaking, innovative and timely topic for us all as we are challenged with culture management in this pandemic situation. Please join me and Dr. Sawhney to explore how to redesign your OpEx Programs to improve the value exchange with our employees and other steakholders.

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Finalists for the 2019-2020 Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Projects Award

20 Finalists for the 2019-20 IISE Capstone Senior Design Award give 'elevator pitches' for their projects. Get a a sneak preview of their Poster Presentations scheduled for Nov. 3, 2020, at the virtual IISE Annual Conference & Expo. Three finalists will compete for the award. Projects come from a wide spectrum of Industries and Problem/Opportunity types. The Award is Sponsored by The Council for Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, North Carolina State, and D. Scott and Beatrice A. Sink.

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Benchmarking Industry: How to Engineer to Performance Excellence

Sponsored by UPS

We have brought together Leaders in the Industrial and Systems Engineering "function" from UPS, Best Buy, Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Disney ... to share how their teams are organized and positioned to Engineer Value and drive rapid benefits realization.

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How to Model “Diseases” and Use those Models to Drive Timely Decisions and Actions that Produce Rapid Benefits

Drs. Julie Swann and Pinar Keskinocak partner to how ISE's and other professionals can model "Diseases" to enable improved decision making in the face of Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos, and Ambiguity. This Webinar follows logically from our offerings in April from Jim Tompkins, David Poirier, Jim Dobson, and most recently Vinny Monteiro. We partner on this webinar with IISE's Society for Health Systems.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Progress and Performance Assessment from an ISE Perspective

The webinar will be a panel dialogue led by Tonya Smith-Jackson, Ph.D., CPE, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at NC A&T State University and IISE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee chairperson. She is joined by D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., PE, The Ohio State University. They will also be joined by Bevlee Watford, Ph.D., PE, Associate Dean, Equity and Engagement at Virginia Tech, College of Engineering, and a panel of 7 young and seasoned professionals from academia and industry. The panel will focus on progress and performance made in our profession, ISE, engineering more broadly and on what still needs work/improvement.

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Risk Management and Resilience Engineering Strategies for Supply Chains

Sponsored by Xcentric Mold & Engineering

Mike Sherwin from the ISE department at the University of Pittsburgh and Jon Carmona from the supply chain team at The Poirier Group will tag team to bring fresh, innovative ideas on how to adapt supply chains in the face of the waves of disruption that are ahead. During this webinar, Jon and Mike will share systematic thinking on how this "Black Swan Event" is impacting the way we think about, plan, design, and execute supply chains.

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Service Systems Engineering Outstanding Innovation

IBM, Mayo Clinic, Chick-fil-A, and Beijing Tongren Hospital — what do they all have in common? One answer is that they are the four finalists for IISE’s Annual Outstanding Service Systems Engineering Award. The webinar features these four finalists and will consist of four TED Talk style, 10-minute overviews, enough time to provide an executive overview of their projects, innovations, and results/outcomes.

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Pioneering and Engineering a New World

Jim Dobson is manager of business planning & industrial engineering at The Walt Disney Company and he is going to address how ISyE's can play a thought leadership and strategy, planning, executional role as many organizations enter uncharted territory. It is very clear to all of us that some "pioneering" is underway and that solutions are going to have to be well thought through, engineered, and executed. It is a perfect storm opportunity wise for ISEs.

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Resilience Re-examined: Reengineering How We do Business and Ensure Public Safety

Vinny Monteiro is project manager at Goldratt Consulting. He will share strategies from the State of Utah that have been successful in systematically leading the State into Phase 2 of Recovery. He will summarize for you how the State created their report and economic playbook that includes recommendations from dozens of Utah state and industry leaders. The plan conveys three phases of response: urgent, stabilization, and recovery. These phases help businesses correctly balance the health of employees with planning imperatives necessary for continuing operations.

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The Role of Data and Information (Engineered Management Systems) in Periods of Major Disruption

Ben Amaba is the global chief technology officer for the industry sector at IBM and Jared Frederici is a senior consultant at The Poirier Group. Amaba and Frederici will share how you can "bolster," re-engineer, fine tune (depending on your initial state) your engineering of your management systems (specifically the role of data and information management).

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Restarting the Economy: Guidance on the Backside of the Disruption

Jim Tompkins, CEO and founder of Tompkins International will share practical thoughts on how organizations can plan for and execute on all the attention to detail logistics issues associated with evolving back to business under not so normal conditions for the next two plus years. 

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Rapid (AGILE) Deployment and Execution of Integrated Systems Engineering Principles and Methods in Times of Major Disruption

Steve Savoie is the senior manager of industrial engineering process and integration for GM. He is just coming off a Rapid Deployment Agile Project partnering with Ventec Life System to help reengineer the production of critical care ventilators in Kokomo.

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Principles and Tools to Ensure Optimal Process Performance

You will have a chance to hear three “TedX” length case study presentations from Sutphen (Fire ‘Engine’ assembler), Grange Insurance, and Columbus City Schools — Transportation Division. These case studies are the product of 5-month Integrated LeanSigma DMAIC and/or DCDOV process improvement projects.

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Business Continuity Strategies and Tactics in Periods of Major Disruption

Two leading Integrated Systems Engineering thought leaders, Jim Tompkins and David Poirier, lead this webinar on clear, pragmatic (not simple necessarily) strategies and tactics to avoid disaster during this COVID-19 disruption. They cover the history and evolution of what are called "Black Swan" events.

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The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented and is posing a challenge for anyone in a leadership or management position today.  The disruptions that have followed, further complicates running businesses smoothly and successfully.  Businesses across different industries are being impacted in various ways, where some are facing increasing and overwhelming demand, others are struggling to manage budgets with a decreasing (or halted) demand. Many of these businesses are fragile and may face failure if no action is taken.

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Creating Cultures that Support Full Potential Performance/Operational Excellence

The context for operational excellence, an organization's culture, is often treated as a "given" or pre-existing condition or constraint, non-treatable variable. David Poirier, CEO of The Poirier Group and President-Elect for IISE, Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, senior technical staff & CX program director at IBM will share extensive experience on principles and methods for ensuring that culture is a factor that is managed and shaped to support operational excellence.

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Agile Methodology to Enable Rapid Process Innovation and Improvement

Joan Tafoya with Sandia National Labs and Caitlyn Spargo with International Management Systems, members of IISE and the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE), will provide a detailed overview of how ISE’s and others can apply agile principles and methods to drive more rapid benefits realization on process improvement initiatives.

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How to Design, Develop and Execute “Flow Workshops”

The focus of this webinar is on how to design, develop and lead a flow workshop in a hospital. This is a case example of how University Hospital East is "reducing to practice" learnings shared by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement on how to improve flow in hospitals. It is an integrated LeanSigma Certification Capstone Project that I am "guiding," we’ve been working with UHE for two years now and I think you’ll value this "sharing."

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IISE Performance Excellence Event of 2020: Sneak Preview

This webinar is a Sneak Preview of the upcoming Performance Excellence Track at our 2020 IISE Annual Conference.  Kaz Takeda, Disney and Kira Hansen, Harley Davidson, and Scott Sink, The Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering and Chapter #1 lead the Webinar.   This will give a you a nice overview of the range of Educational and Developmental Sessions that will be provided by some outstanding speakers in New Orleans end of May.

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Shop Floor to Top Floor: Create Messages that Influence Different Audiences

The focus of this webinar is on how ISE’s can more effectively tailor their ‘pitches’ to meet different audience needs, expectations, requirements. Brent will walk you through a sample project life-cycle, outputs, etc. and show them how you take project findings from front line personnel and boil it up to C-suite, board, and PE Operating Partner levels to get buy-in and internal investment dollars for recommendations. 

Operational Analytics: New Frontiers for ISEs

This is yet another offering from Chapter No. 1 in our series on Operational Analytics. The focus in this one-hour session is on operational analytics to include ‘automation of analytics—AI as well as data and implementation sciences as a New Frontier for ISEs.

How to Create Value in "Covert ISE Roles"

ISE graduates frequently get hired into non-traditional ISE roles (or they naturally migrate into them as their career progresses). As such, we often find ourselves see opportunities that our ISE skills can assist with but it’s not in our position description, per se.

IISE Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Projects

The Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering in partnership with ISE at Ohio State and Virginia Tech, launched an Annual Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Project Competition and Award. The top 20 ISE Capstone projects were selected, and a Project Poster Showcase was held in Orlando at the Annual IISE Conference. From those top 20 projects from 15 different ISE departments the top three were selected and they will be the feature of this webinar.

CISE Career Choicepoints: Learnings and Lessons from Seasoned ISE Leaders

Senior leaders of CISE (Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering), will share and discuss "Career Choicepoints" learnings, lessons, tips and unique opportunities.

Operational Analytics: Sustainable Visual Measurement Systems

This webinar is a continuation of our series in the area of operational analytics. In this webinar, part 6, Scott will focus on how to sustain visible measurement systems.

Chapter No. 1 Annual Virtual Member Webinar

This webcast is an experiment with a virtual chapter webinar, specifically, Chapter No. 1. All members of Chapter No. 1 are extended an invitation to participate. Region IV members from other chapters are welcome also. We will review chapter activities and offerings for the past year and also highlight what’s ahead.

Principles for Creating Ideal Behaviors from Employees 

The assurance of 'ideal behaviors' from customers is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The assurance of 'ideal behaviors' from employees could be labelled Employee Value Exchange Optimization, (EVEO, not to be confused with EVOO). ISEs are often called upon or are required to find ways to improve employee performance. Consulting companies embed this in their Workforce Optimization offerings.

Best in Class ISE Integrated LeanSigma Capstone Certification Projects

ISE at Ohio State has an innovative and unique Integrate LeanSigma Certification Program that produces some outstanding BSISEs that also have a Black Belt Certificate and a Green Belt Certification.

The Agile Scrum Process for Process and Product Improvement

Process improvement projects whether they are DMAIC or DCDOV/DMADV or business process reengineering typically take far longer than business desire or require. This is true for product as well as service process development.

The Industry Practitioner Track Orlando 2019: Sneak Preview 

This is a sneak preview of the Performance Excellence Track, which is focused on industry practitioner concerns, May 18-21 at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Becoming a Change Master

Change Masters are those professionals (ISEs) who envision what’s possible, are adept at crafting strategies to optimize performance, skillful at managing energy (offsetting entropy), and capable of mobilizing people and resources to achieve full potential performance.

Smart Supply Chains and Industry 4.0

In this webinar, Industry expert and past president of IISE, Jim Tompkins will provide a high-level overview of how “Industry and Service 4.0” is impacting how supply chains are managed. This is an opportunity for all ISE’s to work on the T-Model Professional Development; keep broadening your knowledge and understanding of our field.

The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Business Models

On Oct. 11, IISE hosted a webinar that introduced Industry 4.0 and launched a webinar series on this very broad and important subject. This next webinar will example the impact of Industry 4.0 on business models; more specifically product service systems, servitization, and smart services.

Creating and Ensuring Superior Client Experience

During this webinar, the presenter will discuss approaches that organizations can take to ensure superior client (customer, stakeholder) experience. He will build on his work and presentation in 2012 for IISE that focused on cultural modeling and shaping to support lean transformation effectiveness and improved outcomes for organizations.

The ISE Role in Service Systems Engineering: Service 4.0 Overview, Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Enterprise Shared Service

Industry 4.0 is a concept that is becoming well socialized and understood. The ISE roles in this ongoing transformation are well established. A similar transformation is occurring in service systems. That transformation, which some are calling Service 4.0, is less well understood and for sure the ISE role is much less well defined. The Service Systems Engineering “Community” in IISE has joined forces with Chapter No. 1 and created a series of webinars that will launch on the Nov. 6 and continue into 2019.

Whetting your Appetite ("Aperitivo"): All you Need to Know about Industry 4.0

IISE is a very diverse professional society with many young/early career professionals. Our Manufacturing and Design Division has teamed with Chapter #1 (Columbus) and the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE) to provide a “foundational” webinar on Industry 4.0 and National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).

Senior ISE Leaders Share Learnings from Career and Life Choicepoints

The Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering is a small group (22) of very senior ISE Leaders that meet twice a year to benchmark and continue to learn and develop. One of the ways CISE serves the profession, institute and our members is to provide periodic webinars where a small group of CISE members share life and career lessons and tips.

Achieving Full Potential Performance: Managing Transformations in Yourself, Others, in Teams and Organizations

This webinar is focused on consolidating a great deal of research, experience and wisdom-sharing literature into practical bite-sized chunks, which will help you balance your ISE knowledge and skills with "bedside manner," soft, change leadership and management, and persuasion skills.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part IV 

Part IV of our Operational Analytics Webinar Series will capstone the first three parts, bring it all together. We will discuss comprehensive case examples of where the Data Manager Role (Part II) and the Decision Support Analyst Role (Part III) come together in DMAIC and/or DCDOV type Process Improvement Projects. We’ll have project leaders on the webinar with us in a panel type format and will engage the audience in Q&A.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part III

Part III of our Operational Analytics Webinar Series focuses on the Decision Support Analyst role. We will review, summarize parts I and II first, and then zoom in on the art and science of creating powerful visualizations that can accelerate improvement decision making and action taking.

Integrated LeanSigma Certification: Project Cast Studies

This webinar will share three integrated LeanSigma process improvement projects that were completed as part of the Certification Capstone in ISE at Ohio State. 

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects Part II

Part II of our Operational Analytics Series focuses on the data management role of an ISE in a process/performance improvement project. Frederici will lead by sharing a data modelling process that ensures you have the right data and facts to support sustained process improvement.

Engaging Employees in Operational Excellence: 2-Second Lean Case Studies

Effectively engaging employees in continuous improvement is a goal that most organizations aspiring for improvement want and need.  There are many ways to achieve this, Paul Akers has made 2 Second Lean popular and has provided great guidance on how to pull this off.

Career and Life Choice Points

By member request, CISE offered a webinar on September 12 that focused on this topic presented by Joan Tafoya with Intel, Steve Savoie with GM and Scott Sink with OSU. CISE feels that this offering has extended value for our members and so we want to "cookie cut" the model and do three more for CISE members.

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects

ILSS Improvement Projects require a different type of operational analytics than most organizations are used to applying and using.

The Role of ISE in the Evolving Supply Chain

This webinar will focus on providing a strategic and high-level view of the landscape of change in supply chain with a focus on different roles and contributions that ISEs can make and are making.

Managing the Transition from Engineer to Manager

Learning, lessons and tips on how to manage one’s career over time, broadly, and more specifically how to manage the transition from an ISE/Engineer to more of a manager type role will be explored. Members of the Eastern Ohio Chapter of IISE suggested the focus for this presentation.

Accelerating Early Career Success - Working on Soft Skill/Change Leadership Gaps

It can be challenging to enter the workforce as a young professional. However, there are seven great habits young professionals can develop to find success. The panelists will explain the importance of forming good habits and discuss how IISE can help young professionals develop their own.

Successful Integrated LeanSigma Case Studies

The integrated systems engineering department at The Ohio State University showcases the ‘best of best—most impactful’ capstone Integrated LeanSigma Certification Projects in this lunch and learn webinar.  

The Art and Science of Persuasion: Becoming More Effective as an ISE at Creating Successful Change

Industrial and Systems Engineers, in some respects, are often change agents, agents of change. This webinar focuses on sharing principles and tips for developing your ability to ‘sell’ your innovations and ideas.

Lean Transformation - Learnings, Lessons and Tips

The Columbus (Greater Ohio) Professional Chapter of IISE and the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering are pleased to launch our Lunch and Learn webinar series. Our first webinar focuses on helping organizations better understand how to plan for, design, develop and then implement and deploy lean throughout the organization.