Preventing Workplace Harassment

Presenter: James P. (Jim) Carey, human resources leader, and Dick Orth, senior learning consultant, Path Forward

Recent high-profile harassment scandals and the “Me too” movement highlight the fact that harassment in the workplace is a significant problem.

News stories from the tech industry indicate there is a deeply ingrained climate of workplace harassment, particularly sexual harassment. “Despite the outrage, the tech industry hasn't done much to make changes that would systemically support women in an industry dominated by men,” says Denise Brosseau, venture capitalist and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab. Until recently, women in tech were reluctant to talk about the problem and their experiences for fear their careers will be harmed.

Any type of harassment that creates a hostile work environment is illegal and can cost a business in fines, settlement costs, legal fees and lost productivity. While these tangible costs are easy to calculate, there are many hidden costs that are just as real, such as damage to your brand and reputation, lost customers, lower employee engagement, employee turnover and cost of hiring replacements.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how a toxic organizational culture can overlook or even seem to condone workplace harassment. We will delve into what it takes to create a safe work environment by creating a more constructive organizational culture of high performance and engagement where harassment is simply not tolerated.

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