Engaging Employees in Operational Excellence:  2-Second Lean 

Presenters: Doug Shull, president, Transmet Corp. and Tim Gase, president, Peerless Saw
Moderator: Scott Sink, Ph.D., The Ohio State University 

Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

Effectively engaging employees in continuous improvement is a goal that most organizations aspiring for improvement want and need. There are many ways to achieve this, Paul Akers has made 2 Second Lean popular and has provided great guidance on how to pull this off.

Chapter #1 of IISE is providing, as part of its Lunch and Learn webinar series for 2018 two very successful case studies on the implementation of the principles of 2 Second Lean. Sink will tee up the case studies, then Shull and Gase will explain, in detail, what they did, why they did it the way they did it and the results they saw.  

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