Eddie Perez-Ruberte Bio

Current Role. Since 2015, Eddie Perez-Ruberte has been at BayCare Health System in Clearwater, Florida as a Senior Lean Program Manager. He loves working every day to spread the lean philosophy throughout his organization!

Education History. Eddie has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad de Puerto Rico and a MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Purdue University.

Internships. Eddie did many internships while in school. Some were better than others. One of the internships during his undergrad degree led to making connections that would later play out to be able to go to Purdue to do his MS degree!

Work History. Eddie started working as a "real" engineer at Honeywell, then progressed to be a Project Engineer and Project Manager. He then switched to the Operational Excellence function within Honeywell and that is where the lean bug bit him for sure. After 11 years at Honeywell, Eddie had the great fortune of joining the Mayo Clinic team of Systems and Procedures (now they are called Management Engineering & Internal Consulting) in Jacksonville, Florida.

Finding Healthcare. Actually, when he was at Honeywell, Eddie got a crisis of sorts. He wished that he could apply his passion and expertise to something he could feel was helping people more. At the time, he started learning about lean applications to healthcare and was very excited by the prospect of being able to contribute to fixing the healthcare industry. Eddie started reading everything he could get his hands on. The first two books he read about lean in healthcare were "On the Mend", but Dr. Toussaint and "Lean Hospitals" by Mark Graban.

Passionate about healthcare. Eddie sees many opportunities for improvement in healthcare and wants to fix it so that his loved ones do not have to suffer through the pains of the current system when they need it!

Day-to-day.    Eddie leads several teams engaging in Value Stream Improvement throughout his organization.  When he is not in front of teams, facilitating events, or coaching them, Eddie is busy developing and reviewing the implementation framework for the lean philosophy throughout BayCare. He relies on Value Stream Mapping and Standardized Work. Visual Management and Genchi Gembutsu are some of the methods/behaviors he tries to encourage and that he tries to roll out through the organization.

With SHS since 2013. Eddie has been involved with the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference as a Track Chair, Day Coordinator, Chair for the Students Events and Competitions, and Chair of the Innovation Competition.

Why SHS? SHS provides Eddie with a cradle of top professionals in our field to provide many opportunities for learning and improving. Eddie can connect with people he admires and looks up to. SHS provides great educational experiences through an annual conference, webinars, newsletters, etc. Eddie enjoys giving back to the community and that is why he gets involved with the conference. The number one reason he is an SHS member is ... It is Fun! Eddie also belongs to ACHE and ASQ.

Healthcare Improvement Groupie. The very first conference Eddie attended was the SHS Conference in 2014. When he met Mark Graban in person and was able to talk to him and pick his brain about a few things, it was really a great experience for him. He says he felt like a groupie meeting a rock star! But, shhh! Eddie asks that you don't tell Mark, please!

Outside of Work. Eddie grew up in Puerto Rico. You can find him every morning working out and has lately started running half-marathons. He admits he is a beach bum. That is why he moved to Florida! Eddie supports United Way and The Florida Center for Early Childhood (he and his wife were recognized as volunteers of the year in 2016).

Future Plans. In 5-8 years, Eddie sees himself leading a team of process improvement practitioners in a role where he can also set the vision for the team.