Enterprise Readiness and the “High-Performance Organization”

Presenter: Joseph F. Paris, Jr., founder, Operational Excellence Society LLC and chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

The ways and means of businesses operating around the world have been increasingly optimized over time, even while supply chains and finance have become more complex and stretch further around the globe—in pace with advances in transportation and technology. But what has really changed in business—and even in our own lives—is the incremental, relentless compression of time.

How does a company accomplish more in less time and not spin out of control? The challenge is increasing efficiency while also increasing effectiveness. We have to manage multiple (often competing) priorities. We need to recognize opportunities and threats to our strategies, and we must formulate and deploy effective countermeasures to maintain control over our own narrative. We need to make sound decisions quickly. And we need to do all of this in real time.

In this webinar, we will learn the importance of accelerated decision-making as the competitive differentiator for the 21st Century company. And we will investigate the decision-making process cycle from inception to execution along with the appropriate use and interoperabilities of the OODA-Loop, PDCA and DMAIC.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to recognize opportunities and threats sooner
  • How to evaluate situations in context and make strategic decisions more quickly
  • How to recognize when there is enough information (data in context) to make a decision
  • What to do when things go wrong – and things always go wrong

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