Standard Data Systems

Presenter: Steven Thompson, vice president of IISE Solutions

Standard data systems is one of the methodologies used to develop standard times. Standard times are developed from work measurement which is a systematic procedure that is employed to determine the time required to perform work tasks using the "best" method.

Standard data is predetermined leveled times are established for basic body motions, such as reach, move, turn, grasp, position, release, disengage, and apply pressure. The analyst may obtain them from published standards in tabular or electronic forms, or the firm may develop its own.

Standard data assigns times to the body motions required to complete each subtask and total assigned times to develop a leveled time for the subtask. Documentation should demonstrate that the accuracy of the original data base has not been compromised in application or standard development.

We will present the following topics in this webinar:

  • Introduce standard data at the microscopic and macroscopic levels
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of standard data
  • Discuss the structure of standard data
  • Describe the role of regression and correlation within standard data
  • Develop models
  • Evaluate models
  • Apply standard data

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