The Bad Ergonomics of Order Fulfillment in the Retail Industry

Presenter: James J. Galante, chairman, EASE Council

Many millions of cases of goods are placed on retail shelves every day. From warehouses and DCs where merchandise is collected on pallets and shipped to the back room of stores, where the merchandise is often transferred to carts and then finally from carts to store shelves this labor intense task has changed little over the years.

In addition, the shelves have grown in height and goods are more densely displayed and the cardboard packaging for those goods has become more flimsy. Plus, obesity and aging of the workforce along with demands on those employers to get the work done quickly has never been higher. This fast moving, highly illustrated session deals with ways to implement better manual handling devices throughout the process which can improve the ergonomics, reduce much of this stress on the employee, while increasing their efficiency and productivity. In addition, innovative use of these devices can be the key to leveraging the core LEAN value of eliminating waste


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