Central/South American Region (Region 16)

Welcome to the Central/South American Region! Our mission is to provide value to our members by offering a connection point that represents the needs, concerns, and support efforts of industrial engineers across 45 countries in Central and South America. Our region has one professional chapter located in Costa Rica and 24 university chapters across Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras Peru and Costa Rica.

Region Vice President - Dr. Eng. Martha Ramírez-Valdivia

Martha Ramirez Dr. Ramírez-Valdivia is a professor, researcher, and consultant in Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Healthcare Quality Management Systems. She earned her Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Nicaragua, her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and her Ph.D. from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

She is currently appointed as Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Universidad de La Frontera in Temuco, Chile. She has authored several articles, and book chapters and participated as a researcher and co-researcher in several R&D projects in Chile, Nicaragua, and the US. Furthermore, she has served as Director of Quality, Director of the International Affairs, Director of Industrial Engineering, and Director of Master in Integrated Quality Systems Management, at Universidad de La Frontera. In the US, she worked as Project Engineer at the Enterprise Systems Center in Lehigh University, Pennsylvania. In Nicaragua, she served as a full professor at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, consultant for the Bolivar Program for Small Companies, consultant for the Central American Bank for Integration, and National Director of Quality Control at the Ministry of Economy and Development.

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Assistant VP Professional Development - Juan Sebastian Sánchez

Juan Sebastian 2 Professor Sánchez-Gómez is a biomedical engineer, lawyer, magister in Education, magister in Public Policy, and a doctoral student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes. He has worked as a professor of civil and telematics engineering at the Universidad Distrital, professor of Industrial engineering at the Universidad El Bosque, professor of Environmental engineering at the Universidad de Cundinamarca and pedagogue of educational innovations at the Center for Innovation in Technology and Education (ConectaTE) at the Universidad de Los Andes. He has experience in research and project management in education and innovation with ICT, and he has certificates in the English, Portuguese and French languages. He has been a designer of courses and educational programs, leader of national (CNA) and international accreditation (ABET), pedagogue, and teacher trainer in secondary education. Actually is a professor of industrial engineering at the Universidad Sergio Arboleda and a professor of Systems engineering at the Universidad de Los Andes.

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Chapter Management

Central/South America Region

IISE has 43 active University Chapters listed in the region.


  • Chapter 601 UPB (Universidad Privada Boliviana) IISE
  • Chapter 604 Universidad Católica Boliviana


  • Chapter 603 IISE Poli (Politécnico Grancolombiano)
  • Chapter 613 Universidad De America
  • Chapter 617 Corporación Universitaria UNITEC
  • Chapter 622 Chapter USTA
  • Chapter 627 IISE Uniatlantico Chapter
  • Chapter 633 UNAB
  • Chapter 636 IISE El Bosque
  • Chapter 643 Universidad ECCI
  • Chapter 652 IISE Uninorte Chapter
  • Chapter 670 Universidad Autónoma del Caribe
  • Chapter 680 Universidad Central
  • Chapter 699 IISE Javeriana Cali
  • Chapter 705 Konrad Lorenz IISE Chapter
  • Chapter 712 IISE Sergio Arboleda University
  • Chapter 724 Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Chapter 725 Capitulo Estudiantil IISE UMB
  • Chapter 728 Chapter Liberty - Universidad Libre
  • Chapter 757 UPTC - Sogamoso
  • Chapter 760 Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria
  • Chapter 771 Pontificia Univ Javeriana
  • Chapter 782 Universidad de la Sabana
  • Chapter 985 Universidad Distrital
  • Chapter 988 Universidad de los Andes

Costa Rica

  • Chapter 654 Chapter Cartago
  • Chapter 659 ULACIT
  • Chapter 663 Carribean Chapter
  • Chapter 669 Alpha Chapter-Inst Tec de Costa Rica


  • Chapter 635 IISE UG
  • Chapter 711 ESPOL
  • Chapter 734 Universidad San Francisco de Quito


  • Chapter 615 Capítulo Estudiantil USAC-CUNOC Chapter 615


  • Chapter 709 UNITEC - SPS
  • Chapter 977 UNITEC Honduras #977


  • Chapter 618 IISE UNSA
  • Chapter 619 IISE UTEC
  • Chapter 638 Universidad Privada del Norte, S.A.C.
  • Chapter 640 IISE PUCP
  • Chapter 644 Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego
  • Chapter 645 Capitulo Estudiantil IISE – UCSM
  • Chapter 688 Universidad de San Martín de Porres
  • Chapter 692 Continental University Chapter