Enhancing Patient Safety and OutcomeS: The Safe Patient Handling Connection

Presenter: Lynda Enos, RN, CPE, ergonomist/human factors specialist, HumanFit LLC

Demonstrating the link between safe patient handling programs (SPH) and enhanced quality of patient care, safety and outcomes can promote continued organizational support for SPH and facilitate staff use of SPH equipment and best work practices.

In this webinar, the current evidence base that links SPH and patient safety will be presented with a focus on early and safe mobilization, falls prevention, improved skin and wound care, and mitigation of missed nursing care.

An extensive reference/resource list will be provided to participants.

Learning objectives 

  • Define the current evidence base that supports that safe patient handling practices can enhance patient safety, satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
  • Define at least safe patient handling practices that prevent skin breakdown and tears and patient falls.
  • Identify how to capture patient safety related data as related to the impact of a SPH program.

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