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Find out about accreditation, CIEADH, IISE university regional conferences, IISE technical journals and more.


Locate geographic chapters and access chapter management tools.

IISE Leadership

IISE relies on its membership-elected board of trustees to provide leadership and overall direction to all IISE activities and operations working with the operational staff at IISE headquarters. Additional leadership is provided by other boards, councils and committees comprising volunteer members.


IISE's regions in the U.S. and Canada now offer members expanded benefits beyond the traditional geographic chapter.

Social Networks

Do you have a question for your peers? Are you curious about what others think about an industry topic? Get into the online conversation.


Societies & Divisions

Industry- and discipline-specific groups help members network and benchmark.

Societies and Divisions Awards

IISE technical societies and divisions recognize excellence in specific areas of practice.

Student Center

Technical tools, academic resources and answers especially for students.

Young Professionals

This active group helps meet the needs of IISE members in the early career stage after graduation.