Strategies for Gaining Organizational Support to Attend the IIE Annual Conference

Presenters: Douglas Rabeneck, senior manager, Accenture LLP, Bobby Smyth, director of operations, AMEND Consulting and Shannon Smith, senior associate, Grant Thornton

Attending IIE’s Annual Conference can be a life changing experience. Gathering together with 1500+ members of the global industrial engineering community to network, share knowledge, review case studies, present research and introduce new practices/technology is both very educational and a lot of fun. Many attendees are able to obtain support from their employer or other organizations to fund some or all of their costs to attend the conference (e.g., registration fees, travel expenses, etc.).

This webinar will offer strategies, tips and suggestions for exploring how to seek employer support and/or reducing the associated costs to attend. We are targeting conference seekers of all ages, from college student asking for time off during a co-op rotation, to veteran employees seeking full sponsorship from his/her executive committee. Finally, we will also share cost-saving tricks that will make this trip affordable and transformative.

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