See, Solve, Share and GoGreen: Four Concepts to Create a Powerful Participatory Ergonomics Culture in a Physically Challenging and Dynamic Workplace

Presenter: Ben Zavitz, corporate ergonomist, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works Shipyard

This presentation focuses on the participatory program General Dynamics Bath Iron Works used to transform their ergonomics program from a reactive intervention program to a proactive prevention program that achieved a 50 percent reduction in severity injury rates and a won three Ergo Cup Awards. The innovative approach to their program is focused on three elements: 1) seeing ergonomic risks, 2) solving ergonomic challenges and 3) sharing successes. Ergonomic risks are identified using a creative concept termed "GoGreen, work in your power zone." The GoGreen concept has been successful applied to various jobs and environments in the shipyard, including office environments, material handling, warehouse, and awkward positioning jobs. Highlights of the program, risk assessment tools, and successful ergonomic solutions and Ergo Cup awards will be shared during the presentation.

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