LinkedIn and Lean

Connect with the LinkedIn IISE Lean Division group!

The IISE Lean Division now has a LinkedIn group up & running! Our group is a subgroup of the IISE LinkedIn group, and is a great place to virtually network, learn, and share with other lean practitioners from various backgrounds and across different industries. We have nearly 400 members and are looking forward to welcoming more members. If you have not yet joined the group, click here to do so.

The quality of this LinkedIn group is truly a member-driven effort, so here are some quick tips on making this group a value-added resource for everyone:

  1. Respect "rules of engagement" – Post content in the appropriate areas in the group.
    • Discussions:A forum where you can ask questions, start conversations and share ideas.
    • Promotions: A "brag board" for articles, blog posts, websites, products/services and IISE webinars that you are personally involved with.
    • Jobs: The group includes a listing of current job postings.
  2. Write short headlines – Try to convince the reader in seven words or less to read the rest of the details of your post. Short and sweet.
  3. Post relevant content – Seems like it would be a no-brainer, but anything related to lean practices, concepts, trends, etc., is fair game.
  4. Engage others – Convey a strong "call to action," whether you are trying to inform, entertain, persuade, question, etc.
  5. Direct readers to outside sources – You've provided a "call to action," so now provide a venue for readers to take action. Make sure your sources are valid & legitimate.

Looking forward to connect with all of you via the IISE Lean Division LinkedIn group!

Michelle Chang Narat
IISE Lean Division – Director At-Large (Social Media)