Work Measurement

Presenter: Haleh S. Byrne, product lead - industrial engineering and continuous improvement, North Carolina State University-IES

Most successful organizations consider the establishment of standard work content and corresponding time standards for the operations to be fundamental in order to quantify objective expectations for current state and a vision towards improvement’s future state.

Work measurement endeavors in any form provides common currency to understand the process and focus in improvement areas that would have the highest impact on key performance indicators.

From manufacturing to consumer retail, construction to healthcare, accurate time measurements are vital for proper management of jobs. Without them, an organization cannot assign precise costs to an original labor task or predict the savings of an improved one.

As part of this webinar, we will provide an overview of current work measurement methodologies to determine time standards such as:

  • Direct observation (time study)
  • Work sampling
  • Predetermined time standards

We will also cover the integration of results in process improvement approached in lean and Six Sigma.

As accurate time values are needed to derive information regarding the process so that intelligent support is provided for decision making, we utilize video analysis approach for process documentation, analysis and assessment.

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