An island of winners

IIE honored top achievers at this year's Annual Conference in Puerto Rico
Each year at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo, the Institute of Industrial Engineers recognizes those who have made signifi­cant achievements in research, service and industry that advance the industrial and systems engineering profession. This year, the event was in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and featured an impressive array of professionals and students receiving much-deserved honors and awards. Below is a list of award winners.

Frank & Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award

Allen Soyster

Captains of Industry

Felix Diaz, Pall Corp.
Guy Primus, Overbrook Entertainment

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award

Bopaya Bidanda, University of Pittsburgh

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award

James Wilson, North Carolina State University


Majid Abab, Boeing
Bram Corbijn van Willenswaard, Technologies BV
Toni Doolen, Oregon State University
Andris Freivalds, The Pennsylvania State University
Joseph Hartman, University of Florida
Andrew Jardine, University of Toronto
Joseph Pignatiello Jr., Air Force Institute of Technology
Sarah Ryan, Iowa State University
Roberto Zarama, Universidad de los Andes

Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia

Jingyan Dong, North Carolina State University

Outstanding Early Career IE in Business/Industry

Brandon Theiss, Medtronic Spinal

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award

Joseph Hartman, University of Florida

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award

First place: Osman Ozaltin, University of Waterloo

James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence

First place: Lindsey Gerstad, Bradley University

Middle Career Leadership Award

Joan Wagner, Spirit AeroSystems

Award for Technical Innovation

Sheldon Jacobson, University of Illinois

Graduate Research Award

Akshay Ghurye, The Pennsylvania State University

IIE Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year

Ravi Ravindran and Donald Warsing, Supply Chain Engineering: Models and Applications 

IIE Transactions Awards

Design and Manufacturing Best Paper: “Designing Manu­facturing Facility Layouts to Mitigate Congestion,” Min Zhang, Rajan Batta and Rakesh Nagi

Design and Manufacturing Best Application Paper: “Opti­mally Loading Tow Trains for Just-In-Time Supply of Mixed-Model Assembly Lines,” Simon Emde, Malte Fliedner and Nils Boysen

Operations Engineering and Analysis Best Paper: “Defeating Symmetry in Combinatorial Optimization via Objec­tive Function Perturbations and Hierarchical Constraints,” A. Ghoniem and H.D. Sherali

Operations Engineering and Analysis Best Application Paper: “Risk-adjusted Budget Allocation Models with Applica­tion in Homeland Security,” Jian Hu, Tito Homem-de-Mello and Sanjay Mehrotra

Quality and Reliability Engineering Best Paper: “Patterns of the Birnbaum Importance in Linear Consecutive-K-out-of-N Systems,” Xiaoyan Zhu, Qingzhu Yao and Way Kuo

Quality and Reliability Engineering Best Application Paper: “Sequential Measurement Strategy for Wafer Geometric Profile Estimation,” Ran Jin, Chia-Jung Chang and Jianjun Shi

Scheduling and Logistics Best Paper: “Reducing Emergency Department Waiting Times by Adjusting Work Shifts Consider­ing Patient Visits to Multiple Care Providers,” David Sinreich, Ola Jabail and Nico Dellaert

Outstanding IIE Publication

Elsayed Elsayed, Reliability Engineering, Second Edition 

UPS Minority Advancement

Andres Carrano and Matthew Marshall, Rochester Institute of Technology

Golomski Award

“Fault Diagnosis for Multi-state Equipment with Multiple Fail­ure Modes,” Ming J. Zuo and Ramin Moghaddass

SEMS Management Award

Art Muniz, UPS

Wellington Award

Jane Fraser, Colorado State University-Pueblo

Scholarships and fellowships

A.O. Putnam Memorial Scholarships

Benjamin Johnson, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Briana Schultz, The Ohio State University

C.B. Gambrell Undergraduate Scholarship

David Ribeiro, Rutgers University

Dwight D. Gardner Scholarships

Christopher Bayles, University of Arkansas
Olivia Girod, Oregon State University
Jacey Gombert, Clemson University
Kathleen Duggan, Arizona State University

E.J. Sierleja Memorial Fellowship

Ridvan Gedik, University of Arkansas

Gilbreth Memorial Fellowships

Banafsheh Behzad, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Austin Buchanan, Texas A&M University
Jingjing Tong, University of Arkansas

Harold and Inge Marcus Scholarships

Garrett Austin, Arizona State University
Nicole Dunham, Arizona State University
Jonathan Fako, University of Pittsburgh
Andrew Wharton, The Ohio State University

IIE Council of Fellows Scholarships

Spenser Brown, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Hannah Corbitt, University of Arkansas

John F. Fargher Scholarship

Akkarapol Sa-ngasoongsong, Oklahoma State University

John L. Imhoff Scholarship

Vera Lo, University of Michigan

Lisa Zaken Award for Excellence

Kali Williams, University of Miami

Marvin Mundel Memorial Scholarships

Dong Yeob Kim, Texas Tech University

Andrea Melgoza Hernandez, ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

Presidents Scholarship

Benjamin Taylor, Ohio University 

Society for Health Systems Scholarship

Christina Boeryd, California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

UPS Scholarship for Female Students

Katy Accurso, University of Arkansas

UPS Scholarship for Minority Students

Gian-Gabriel Garcia, University of Pittsburgh

Innovations in Curriculum Competition

First place: Tyco Fredericks, Azim Houshyar and Robert White, Western Michigan University, “Development of Curriculum for Industrial & Entrepreneurial Engineering”

IIE/Rockwell Automation Student Simulation Competition

First place: Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, “TIIEAM,” Team members: Hector Villarreal Garza, Yan Lin Clemintina Chen Lopez and Mariana Elizabeth Trevino Ferrer; faculty advisor: Heriberto Garcia Reyes

IIE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition

First place: Alfonso Alejandro Lara Negrete, Instituto Tecnologico de San Luis Potosi, “Labor Cost Decrease Due to Air Supply Component Process Introduction”

Lean Division Best Practice Award

First place: Hemantha Perera and Lalith Herath, MAS Linea Aqua, “Manufacturing Practices for Operational Excellence in the Apparel Industry”

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Awards

Global Level Honoree
José Antonio Vázquez Ibarra (Mexican Region), Universidad Politécnica de Aguacalientes

Regional Level Honorees 
Central and South American Region: Anael Espinal, UNITEC Honduras
Mexican Region: José Antonio Vázquez Ibarra, Universidad Politécnica de Aguacalientes
Mid-Atlantic Region: Kevin Taaffe, Clemson University
South Central Region: Chase Rainwater, University of Arkansas
Southeast Region: Christopher Geiger, University of Central Florida

Society and Division Honors

CIS Division Student Paper Competition

Inki Kim, The Pennsylvania State University, “Analytic Scheme to Organize Large Archived Data into Hierarchical Affinity”

Construction Division Student Paper Competition

Isabelle Johnson, University of Southern California, “The Potential and Obstacles of Integrated Project Delivery”

Lean Division Student Paper Competition

Rehab Ali, Nile University, “Investigating the Impact of the Dynamics Associated with Increasing Responsiveness Level on Leanness”

Lean Division Teaching Award

Rupy Sawhney, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Teaching Award

Russell Meller, University of Arkansas 

Operational Research Division Teaching Award

Alex Savachkin, University of South Florida

QCRE Division Student Paper Award

Kaibo Liu, Georgia Tech, “Adaptive Sensor Allocation Strategy for Process Monitoring and Diagnosis in a Bayesian Network”

SEMS Student Paper Competition

Victoria Andrea Cabrera, Universidad de Monterrey, “An Agile Distribution Strategy for Improving on Time Delivery”

SHS Student Paper Competition

Graduate Level: Sabrina Casucci, University at Buffalo, SUNY, “A Theoretical Model for Patient Care Transition Process to Reduce Hospital Readmissions” 

UPS Minority Advancement

Andres Carrano and Matthew Marshall, Rochester Institute of Technology 

ISERC Best Track Papers Awards

Computers and Information Systems: “GIS-Based Hierarchical Multi-Objective Supply Chain Network Design: A Proposed Tool and Case Study,” Ting Lei and Gul E. Okudan Kremer
Engineering Economy:
“Expected Profit under Maximin and Minimax Rules,” Guanghua Han, Chin Hon Tan and Joseph Hartman
Engineering Management:
“Improving Departmental Quality Performance with Interdepartmental Integration,” Qing Li, Wiljeana Glover, Eitan Naveh and Michael Gross
Facility Logistics:
“Using Empirical Data to Assess Performance in Overall Warehouse Design,” Lisa Thomas and Russ Meller
Healthcare Systems:
“Optimization of Inpatient Hemodialysis Scheduling Considering Efficiency and Treatment Delays,” Manuel Tolentino Pena, Michael Kuhl and Ruben Proano
Homeland Security:
“Bayesian Kernel Model for Disruptive Event Data,” Hiba Baroud, Kash Barker, Raychal Lurvey and Cameron MacKenzie
Lean Systems:
“A Case Study of Lean Implementation at Sandia National Laboratories,” Hung-da Wan, F.F. Chen, Raul De Luna and Mike R. Lopez
Manufacturing and Design:
“Cell Viability Characterization of Bioprintable Blood-vessel-like Cellular Channels toward 3-D Organ Fabrication,” Yin Yu and Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat
Modeling and Simulation:
“Early Detection of Bioterrorism: Monitoring Disease Diffusion through Multilayered Networks,” Sean Barnes, Bruce Golden, Inbal Yahav and Edward Wasil
Operations Research:
“Solving Chance-Constrained Spanning k-Core Problem via Decomposition and Integer Programming,” Juan Ma and Baski Balasundaram
Production Planning and Scheduling:
“Quantity Discount Mechanisms in a Two-level Supply Chain,” Joseph Geunes, Yongpei Guan and Jing Ma
Quality and Reliability Engineering:
“Managing Operational Availability via Integrated Redundancy Allocation and Spare Parts Provisioning,” Haitao Liao and Wei Xie and Tongdan Jin
Supply Chain and Logistics:
“Robust Inventory Control Problem under Lead-time Uncertainty,” Andreas Thorsen, Hongcheng Liu and Tao Yao
Work Systems:
“Using a Systems Dynamics Model to Assess Skill Level Impact,” Jill Urbanic and George Bacioiu

Doctoral Colloquium Posters

First Place: Mr. Mohammad Yazdani, Oregon State University
“Application of the Branch-and-Price and FIEI algorithms in a flow shop PCB assembly”
Advisor: Logen Logendran

Second Place: Mr. Behrooz Kamali, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
“Risk-based decision support for adult and pediatric patient triage in emergency response”
Advisor: Douglas Bish

Third Place (tied): Ms. Muge Capan, North Carolina State University
“Optimizing Rapid Response Decisions to Improve Patient Care”
Advisor: Julie Ivy

Third Place (tied): Ms. Irem Sengul, North Carolina State University
“Modeling for Equitable Food Distribution and Capacity Allocation in North Carolina”
Advisor: Julie Ivy