North American Operations Board

The North American Operations Board (NAOB) develops policy and provides strategic direction for the effective operation of IISE's regions and chapters in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The International Operations Board is responsible for IISE regions and chapters in the rest of the world.

NAOB Chair
Senior Vice President – North American Operations

Jennifer Cross
Associate Professor
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas

Assistant SVP
Kazuo Takeda  
Kaz and Effect Solutions, LLC

Vice President for Student Development
Faisal Aqlan
Associate Professor
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Assistant Vice President for Student Development
Satya Aditya Akundi (Aditya)
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

President of Young Professionals
Karl Salvatore
Procurement Team Lead
Amazon Robotics           
Somerville, Massachusetts

U.S. Northeast Region Vice President (Region 1) 
Michael Testani
Director of Industry Outreach
Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York

U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region Vice President (Region 2)
William Ferrell       
Clemson University      
Clemson, South Carolina

U.S. Southeast Region Vice President (Region 3)
Dean Athanassiades
Leader, Services Program Management Office
Decatur, Georgia

U.S. Great Lakes Region Vice President (Region 4) 
Greg Zerr
Advanced Senior Analyst
Marathon Petroleum Corporation      
Findlay, Ohio

U.S. South Central Region Vice President (Region 5)
Emmett Hull
Management Engineer
Blue Cross & Blue Shield 
Topeka, Kansas

U.S. North Central Region Vice President (Region 6)
Joel Brock
Director Operations Excellence
West Monroe Partners
Chicago, Illinois

U.S. Western Region Vice President (Region 7) 
Shokoufeh Mirzaei
Associate Professor
California Poly State University
Pomona, California

Mexican Region Vice President (Region 13)
José Cervantes-León
Doctor en Ciencias de la Educación
Instituto Tecnologico de Reynosa
Tamaulipas, Mexico

Canadian Region Vice President (Region 14)
Dionne Aleman
Associate Professor
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

IISE Headquarters Representative
Kathy Gamboa
Director of Membership
(770) 349-1104

Staff Liason
Amy Straub
Membership Administrator
(770) 349-1115