Z94.12 Materials Processing

The definitions developed for this section represents an extensive revision, modification, and addition to the 1982 edition.  Many new terms are added to reflect the technological advancements in the materials processing field in general and in the manufacturing automation and computer control fields in particular.  Many terms peculiar to the general area of manufacturing have definitions that have evolved through common usage.  The compilation of terms in the subsection on manufacturing automation and computer control is by no means exhaustive.  The reader is advised to refer to section 17 on Manufacturing Systems for additional terms.  For the added terms the Materials Processing Subcommittee used many already accepted definitions such as those published by technical societies, namely:

Glossary of Terms:  Computer Integrated Manufacturing, published by Computer and Automated Systems Association (CASA) of Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 1984.

Volume 1, Machining, and Volume 2, Forming of the Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook (TMEH), published by Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 1984.

Metal Cutting Technology, written by E. Orth and J.I. ElGomayel, and published by the Metals Engineering Institute of the American Society of Metals.

Common Words as They Relate to N/C Software, publication of the National Machine Tool Builders' Association, 1972.

The definitions in this section appear in the following subsections:  Manufacturing Automation and Computer Control, Forging, Foundry (Casting), Metal Forming, Metal Machining, Plastics, and Welding.  Although the work of the earlier subcommittee must be acknowledged, this revised section was the result of the time, effort, expertise, and devotion of the following members of the subcomittee:


Professor Joseph I. ElGomayel
Purdue University


Anthony M. Bratkovich
Engineering Director
National Machine Tool Builders' Association

Ron Fowler
Metal Fabricating Institute

Eugene Orth
Engineering Consultant

Other members of the subcommittee who lent their support were:

O.D. Lascoe
Professor Emeritus
Purdue University

Ray Kirschbaum
Mechanical Engineer
Rock Island Army Arsenal

Donald Smith
Director of Engineering
Federal Press Company

Materials Processing