Integrated Marketing Plan

Reach decision makers and influencers with the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) and become an integral part of the IISE community! 

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineer's large community of highly educated quality, productivity and efficiency professionals look to IISE for the latest news from the field, new products, useful tools and training and professional development opportunities. The IISE audience represents billions of dollars in industry buying power. Use consistent multi-channel marketing to showcase how your organizations' offerings can help IISE members and customers impact their companies’ bottom lines or help them excel professionally.

No other organization unites decision makers from such diverse industries – IISE serves as the hub for all professionals working to improve systems, productivity, quality and efficiency. IISE's members and customers comprise both experienced decision makers with buying power and young professionals who will lead major organizations in the future.

  • Decision makers typically have a master’s degree with more than 20 years in industrial engineering, and can influence purchasing decisions at their companies.
  • IISE's young professionals are looking for education and professional development opportunities to enhance their career and are eager to stay informed on the latest tools. Build name recognition with these future leaders now!

IISE's advertising and marketing tools provide an integrated reach to thousands of industrial and systems engineering professionals focused on quality and productivity improvement. The goal of any strategic or integrated marketing effort is to become an integral member of your target market community. It's a matter of strong affinity so that when decisions are made, your product or service is top of mind. Members are dedicated to IISE and do business with companies that are involved and support their community. IISE's audience through print and online advertising, taking part as an exhibitor in one of IISE's conferences, or become one of our many highly-recognized sponsors.

  • Reach more than 13,000 members and an additional 24,000 customers. 
  • IISE's website receives 105,000+ page views, 42,000+ sessions and 23,000+ users monthly. 
  • Web visitors spend 2 minutes, 55 seconds per visit and view an average of 2.6 pages. 

Note: Google Analytics now uses "sessions" instead of "visits" and "users" instead of "unique visits." The metrics for these categories has not changed.

Looking for the greatest exposure for your products and services at the best value? Let us help you create a customized plan that works best for your company and budget! 

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