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These case studies are not selected or reviewed by IISE staff or volunteers. They are provided by advertisers as a way to share information with industrial engineers, managers, and other professionals involved in enhancing productivity, improving quality, and increasing efficiency.

Featured Case Study

FlexSim Healthcare 

Getting the most out of an additional building
Sponsored by FlexSim Healthcare 

New clinical space doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to better serve your patients. Leading healthcare organizations like MD Anderson Cancer Center understand the value of optimizing capacity and resources to provide the best care possible for patients. See how this leading cancer center used simulation to optimize space between two buildings and answer important questions about their capabilities and capacity.

Read this case study to see how they were able to get the most out of a new building.

Past Case Studies

DESA: Getting the Job Done Faster
Sponsored by the University of Kentucky-Center for Manufacturing-Lexington Ky
Desa is a leading international manufacturing firm with divisions in Germany, Poland, Italy, Mexico, England, and the U.S. Formed in 1969 by absorbing Remington Arms’ chainsaw operations in Chicago, the company acquired Koehring Corporation’s portable outdoor kerosene forced air heater operation in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1981.

Cutting Waste Generates Uniform Benefits for Apparel Firm
Sponsored by Preactor International
As leading innovators in the design and manufacture of uniforms, in addition to providing equipment and supplies for pageantry groups, Fred J. Millers customers include marching bands for high schools and colleges, drum corps, color guards, majorette and baton corps, and dance lines. When it came to sourcing a scheduling solution that could cope with the requirements of the manufacturing firm, Preactor International was the only solution that measured up to the task.

A New Model
Sponsored by Micro Analysis & Design
Simulation lets health care professionals evaluate different ideas and ask what-if questions about alternative methods of meeting demands using a variety of resources prior to implementation. These professionals must continue to find ways to become more efficient and effective to keep up with varying patient needs while continuing to re-evaluate their facility planning. MA&D helped create a successful model of a client's obstetric staffing and bed needs.

Beyond the Stopwatch
Sponsored by Laubrass
The Continuous Improvement Department at a leading truck manufacturing plant is seeing results from their Kaizen-related efforts. As part of their improvement project, they needed to know precisely how long each of the assembly stations were taking to perform each task. Plant officials decided they needed a better way than the traditional stopwatch method to perform their work measurement studies.

Optimizing Customer Service
Sponsored by Quetech Ltd.
Providing less-than-acceptable levels of customer service in today's highly competitive retail environment is a formula for failure. A very interesting fact that we find across the industry, however, is that despite all of the customer service-related investment, most retailers have little or no idea regarding the number of hours they should schedule in their stores on a week-to-week basis (much less a daily or hourly basis) specifically targeted at customer service.