IISE Logo Guidelines

One of the concerns that any organization has to consider is protecting its logos and trademarks. If we do not consistently use and protect our marks, we face the potential of losing the rights to them. Famous examples of trademarks that were lost are aspirin and elevator. At one time, both were registered trade names. This is why Xerox insists that only their machines be referred to as Xerox machines. Everyone else must call their machine a copier.

Our current approved logos can be downloaded here. Be sure to review our brand guidelines prior to using the logo. The logos are not to be altered in any way without the express approval of IISE. Contact IISE Member and Customer Support at cs@iise.org with questions.


Please review the Chapters page in the IISE Brand Guidelines document linked above. There are two logo template options available, including one that allows for a chapter logo to be coupled with the IISE logo. The template can be downloaded here. Chapters must still submit their logos for approval at membership@iise.org.


Division logo files are available through IISE Membership Coordinator Kathy Gamboa at kgamboa@iise.org.