On Demand Viewing Tips


Once you've logged in with your username and password, you will see a menu of course units and, if applicable, a course exam. You may select any of the units to view and study by clicking on the "Launch" button or on the title of the unit.


When you have selected a unit to view, please allow any video or other media to upload before using any functions on the presentation screen.

The presentation screen has similar functions to that of a Quicktime player or Windows Media Player. You are able to pause, rewind, fast forward and skip at your discretion. There also will be a list of units, just like the list that appears on screen when you first log in, on the left side if you would like to choose a different unit to view.

Symbols To Look For

Here are a few images you will see and should know what they mean:

This icon will appear in the upper right corner of the presentation screen if there is an audio recording to be played during the presentation.

This icon will appear if there is additional material or a secondary recording available for you to review.


Attachment Menu Bar 
This bar appears in the upper right corner of the presentation screen. Click on it to see a menu of any additional files attached to the presentation for your review.


This icon appears in the lower right corner of the presentation screen. You can click on this icon multiple times to expand or alter your viewing mode during a presentation.

On Demand Exams

There will be a time-limited exam included in the On Demand course for Six Sigma Green Belt. Instructions for submitting answers and scrolling through questions will be given to you on the Web site. Upon completion and passing of the exam, your Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate will be e-mailed to you.