AEC Ergonomic solutions

Applied ergonomics case studies are ergonomic solutions to real-world business problems that have been submitted by practitioners in the workplace. Designed to advance the knowledge and skill of individuals practicing ergonomics, case studies cover a wide range of topics.

Engineering and Design
Learn how ergonomic principles are applied to solutions in the real world. Product designs will be addressed, including applications to the changing demographics of the workforce.

Ergonomics Programs
Learn how to design, implement, and sustain ergonomics programs and discover how to identify and avoid obstacles.

Manufacturing Applications
Learn about the practical application of ergonomics in manufacturing using sound ergonomic principles to improve the safety and productivity of the workplace. 

Office Applications
Learn how office design can prevent injury and increase productivity in the workplace. Discover unique solutions for marketing your programs to management and employees and identify the challenges to implementation processes.

These case studies are a virtual cornucopia of subjects and applications that you can take back to your company.

Services and Support Industries
Traditional manufacturing is not the only industry that benefits from ergonomics. Banking to shipbuilding, health care to construction, and even agriculture, can benefit from ergonomic intervention.

Work Measurement
Learn how to use work measurement techniques to identify ergonomic risks and to cost justify ergonomic solutions.

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