Ergonomics Standards

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Canadian Office Ergonomics Guideline (Z412.00)

CSA Group website page: A guideline that incorporates ergonomics into a step-by-step process for the optimal design of office systems, including the design of jobs and work organization, layout of the office, environmental conditions, and workstation design. It is intended predominately for office workers and employers responsible for health and safety or ergonomics programs. Also useful for facility designers, purchasers, building maintenance, health & safety regulatory agencies, manufacturers & designers associated with office ergonomics.

Canadian Workplace ergonomics (Z1004-12) - A management and implementation standard

CSA Group website page: This Standard provides requirements & guidance for the systematic application of ergonomics to the develop, design, use, management, and improvement of work systems through the implementation of an Ergonomics Process. This Standard is designed to enhance worker health, safety & well-being and optimize system performance to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities and/or reduce the severity of harm related to occupational activities and work environments.

International ergonomics standards (ISO)

The ISO website: Published standards & details of general ergonomic principles, anthropometry & biomechanics, ergonomics of human-system interaction and ergonomics of the physical environment.

The Human Factors Design Standard (FAA)

Federal Aviation Administration website: A compilation of human factors practices and principles integral to the procurement, design, development, and testing of FAA systems, facilities, and equipment. It replaces and expands upon the Human Factors Design Guide (HFDG) published in 1996 and all HFDG chapter updates.

Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) Standards

BIFMA website: ANSI/BIFMA product safety and performance standards and Guidelines for office seating, vertical files, lounge & public seating, desk products, panel systems, storage, large occupant office seating, educational seating, small office/home office, standard test method for determining VOC emissions, standard for Formaldehyde and TVOC Emissions, Furniture Sustainability Standard, Healthcare Furniture Design - Guidelines for Cleanability , Ergonomics Guideline for Furniture, Color - 2005 Color Measurement, BIFMA PCR for Seating: UNCPC 3811,BIFMA PCR for Storage: UNCPC 3812, PD-1-2011 Mechanical Test Standards-Compiled Definitions,BIFMA Quality v9.3 (24May04), BIFMA Sustainability Guidelines for Office Furniture – 2005,BIFMA Tex4.1 - 2005 Woven Textile Characteristics.