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In-Plant Trailers Designed with Ergonomics in Mind Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.

Manufacturing plants are filled with carts of all shapes and sizes. Some of these are towed by power equipment, and many are pushed manually. All carts have design features that either help or hurt ergonomic factors that impact the workers.

Shoulder Demand in Commercial Airplane Assembly - The Boeing Company - Everett, WA

The assembly of an airplane requires construction and handling of many different types of materials. This includes tasks such as electrical wire installation, drilling and fastening structures together, interiors installation, and many more. As a result, employees are expected to perform large ranges of shoulder motion while completing highly skilled installation processes.

BTN LiveB1G: Ohio State - Auto Safety: Assembly Line to Finish Line

This video presents assessment of the effects that manufacturing systems have on health of the auto assembly line workers. It also provides recommendations on how to protect employees from on-the job injuries and to work on an auto assembly line more safely.

Safety Grants - Aexcel Corporation (vacuum lift)

This video presents portable vacuum lifts used at the manufacturing facility to elevate 5-gallon buckets with traffic safety paints and coatings. The portable pneumatic devices, which replaced manual lifting of the buckets that range in weight from 50 to 75 pounds, keep employees safer and increase productivity.